Other Industries

Our Sales & Service Stickers are used within the medical, food service, office equipment, industrial equipment and other sales and service providers all across the country. Our industrial service stickers are thicker and stronger than the industry standard requires, designed to last longer than the equipment or product itself. Our high performance adhesive stickers can be used to identify and brand your business, ensuring additional or return business and service calls for many years to come.

Used within various business and professional service industries, our custom stickers can be used by electricians, plumbers, HVAC repairs and installation, cable, satellite and other residential and commercial providers. Our high performance adhesive stickers are waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant and are UL certified to be used both indoors and outdoors. You can rely on our Sales & Service Stickers to stay put and provide opportunities for your customers to contact you whenever they are in need of additional services in the future


Popular Uses

Some of the most popular uses for our industrial service stickers include:

  • inspection information labels
  • equipment testing with and without date tags
  • preventative maintenance and calibration stickers
  • equipment safety data updates
  • service due stickers with contact information
  • company or product branding logos

Professional Industries and Services

Some of the professional industries that use our custom stickers include:

  • food service equipment industry
  • office equipment industry
  • medical equipment industry
  • HVAC repair and installation services
  • professional repair services
  • professional installation services
  • computer and high-tech services
  • entertainment equipment industry
  • personal and business services
  • …and many more

Sales & Service Stickers works with our clients to create custom service stickers for professional, industrial, commercial and residential equipment, products and services. Our high performance adhesive stickers make it easy for businesses to reach out to new customers through this unique branding opportunity, and to ensure repeat business by providing accessible contact information for future service needs. Each and every product we create exceeds the industry standard requirements to ensure the long life and value of your Sales & Service Stickers.


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