Office & Business Equipment

Sales & Service Stickers creates service stickers for equipment to be used by businesses that provide office equipment to be sold, rented, or leased. The office equipment industry is just one of the areas that can benefit from our high performance adhesive stickers. Our office equipment custom stickers can be affixed to products such as printers, copy machines, computers, scanners, fax machines, and more. They are created with an aggressive adhesive that allows them to last the life of the product.

Our Sales & Service Stickers help you to brand your business and provide contact information directly on the equipment that you sell, rent or lease to your customers. Your customers can use that information to contact you in the future for additional office equipment. Call for service stickers can be very beneficial, allowing your customers to request proper service to be done on any of the copy machines, computers, printers or other electronic equipment that you provide.

Our office equipment custom stickers have a very aggressive adhesive that allows them to remain on your inventory for the life of the product. This is particularly advantageous for your customers that change managers or supervisors on a regular basis. So even if your point of contact is no longer working in that particular office, his or her successor will know that your company provided the equipment and will be able to work with you again for additional equipment, services or repairs.

Other Uses

Other uses for the Sales & Service Stickers within the office equipment industry include:

  • equipment testing
  • equipment safety data
  • inspection information
  • call for service contact information
  • preventative maintenance services
  • status of the equipment

Sales & Service Stickers creates service stickers for equipment that makes it easier for providers of office equipment to retain and reach out to new customers for sales, rentals and leases. Our call for service stickers make it easy to ensure that your customers will contact you directly for service on the equipment you provide in the future.

All of our Sales & Service Stickers are custom created by you to ensure that they address all of your specific needs. Every single product we create exceeds the industry standard to ensure that it is waterproof and weatherproof to stand the test of time.

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