Home Medical Equipment

There are many uses for the high performance adhesive stickers available through Sales & Service Stickers. We provide a full custom line of aggressive adhesive stickers that can be used within the home medical equipment industry. These custom stickers are extremely durable, making them an excellent choice for use with wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, crutches and other types of home medical equipment. Our stickers are also cleaning and chemical resistant.

Sales & Service Stickers are a great way to identify your company name, location and contact information on your rental or purchased products for future use by the customer. For example, a customer who has rented a walker, but is now interested in getting a wheelchair, will be able to quickly and easily contact your company for the new equipment after reading the label affixed to the walker.

Another possible situation might be a customer who has been renting a hospital bed and is now in need of repairs. They can contact your company direct using the call for service sticker that is visibly posted on the side panel of the bed. These high performance adhesive stickers make it easy to retain customers by allowing them to contact you directly for repeat business or service requests.

Other Uses

Other uses for our custom stickers within the home medical equipment industry include:

  • inspection information
  • equipment testing
  • equipment safety data
  • status of the equipment
  • preventative maintenance information
  • call for service contact information

Sales & Service Stickers makes it easy for clients working in the home medical equipment industry to create custom stickers that are designed to achieve a specific purpose, while effectively branding your business at the same time. Our aggressive adhesive stickers are designed to exceed the life of your product, ensuring that they won’t ever come off until you are ready to remove them. All of our custom stickers and products are UL certified to be water and weatherproof, making them great for use both indoors and outdoors.

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