Food Service

At Sales & Service Stickers, we provide service stickers for equipment in a number of unique industries. The commercial food service industry is one of many industries in which our aggressive adhesive stickers become a major asset. Our custom stickers can be affixed to sold, leased, or rented appliances and products, such as stoves, freezers, prep tables, cash registers, beverage utilities, dining room furniture, ovens and other specialty food service equipment items.

Sales & Service Stickers work to help your customers quickly find your company’s contact information for additional sales or rentals, as well as to make contact regarding servicing needs or repairs on the products you provide. Our aggressive adhesive stickers exceed the industry standard, enabling our custom stickers to remain on your food service equipment for the life of the product. This is particularly helpful in the commercial food service industry where high temperatures, cleaning chemicals and compounds, grease and other elements can be damaging.
S-and-S-Group-Restaurant stickers
The commercial food service industry can be very competitive and fast-paced. Ownership of restaurants and other related businesses can change hands frequently. Affixing our aggressive adhesive stickers to the equipment that you sell, lease and rent will make it easy for a new owner or manager to contact you for additional equipment or service in the future, even when the original owner is long gone.

Other Uses

Other uses for the Sales & Service Stickers within the food service equipment industry include:

  • inspection information
  • equipment testing
  • equipment safety data
  • status of the equipment
  • preventative maintenance information
  • call for service contact information

Sales & Service Stickers creates custom stickers designed to make the business of selling, leasing, renting and servicing food service equipment easier for our clients. Our custom stickers are designed by you with a specific purpose in mind to help you brand your business, retain old customers and reach out to new ones. Our aggressive adhesive stickers are designed to last longer than the product they are stuck on, giving your business an extended opportunity to reach out to your customers. Every single product created through our Sales & Service Stickers department is waterproof, weatherproof and designed to withstand the extreme nature of the commercial food service industry.

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