7 Ways to Use Service Stickers for Pest Control Businesses

Pest Control BusinessesWhen you own and operate any service-based business, the goal is to build a solid reputation within the local community. Understanding the needs of your primary customer base, as well as being able to identify other groups that might be interested in your services, can help you to grow your company even further. One way to create a confidence and trust between you and your clients is to excel in communication. For pest control businesses, some of the services that are provided are done when the customer is not at home. As a result, communicating through custom stickers and decals, as well as personalized service stickers, can really help to keep the lines of communication open.

#1 – Branding & Contact
The first type of product that you will likely use is a product that allows you to identify your brand and provide contact information. These products can be left door-to-door within a neighborhood that you already service or sent out via direct mail. Marketing stickers are proven to work more effectively than flyers, coupons and business cards. Everyone loves stickers and they are “harder” to throw away than other types of communications. That means they are more likely to keep your quality personalized service stickers than a cheaply made flyer from your competition.

#2 – Service Reminders
The next type of custom stickers and decals that you will use is the service reminder. You can choose a light adhesive as opposed to our aggressive adhesive stickers, so you can place them on front doors, mailboxes and other appropriate places. These stickers can be used to remind customers of service dates, typically a couple of days in advance, so they can be prepared for you to come and spray, set or check traps on the premises. Include contact information on these personalized service stickers so they can call you right away if they need to cancel or postpone their appointment.

#3 – Notice of Inspection
Another great tool that you can use in addition to marketing stickers is a notice of inspection. This can be posted at the address that you have inspected to ensure that the property owners, business or municipality is aware that you have completed your inspection. You can include interactive features, such as write-on custom stickers and labels with a self-laminating option. Choose from aggressive adhesive stickers or labels that will come off easily, depending on your needs.

#4 – Notice of Treatment
Once the treatment has been completed, you can use personalized service stickers to notify the property owner or occupant that the work has been done. Once again, choose from easy-to-remove adhesives or aggressive adhesive stickers, depending on your needs. Write-on custom stickers can be used for this type of product as well, allowing you to include information regarding the time the treatment was applied and the time that the property will be safe for pets and children to enter. Use for monthly services, special applications or mandated treatments by health inspectors or other government entities.

#5 – Future Service Due
Some pest control services provide customers with marketing stickers that have calendars on them to remind when the next service will be due. Technicians can mark or punch the month, date and year, as well as include details regarding calling for service or automatically scheduling service for that future date. Additional information should be included, such as company name and contact information, just in case the client needs to call regarding the schedule services.

#6 – This House Protected By…
Another great option that can help you to promote your business to new customers or retain addresses even after the original client moves, is to post aggressive adhesive stickers at properties where you provide services. Consider locations that would help property owners to see your personalized service stickers, but make sure that you aren’t putting them someplace that would detract from the property. Including your custom stickers and decals inside of electrical boxes or near areas where services might be required, such as under a kitchen sink or in a garage, laundry area or shed, could be beneficial. Make sure to include your company name, phone number, as well as information about the general services you provide.

#7 – Additional Services Promotions
When you visit your clients, make sure to leave one of your marketing stickers as a business card with the client. They can use the sticker to contact you for future visits, place it on the fridge or inside of a cabinet door. These personalized service stickers can include information on extra services you provide besides basic pest control services. Include a call-to-action for your customers to call you for additional information. Make sure to include an incentive, such as 10-15 percent off for current customers or package deals for multiple services.

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