Service Due Stickers for Commercial Restaurant Refrigeration

Commercial Restaurant RefrigeratorThere are a lot of ways that sales and service stickers can be used in a business that deals with commercial restaurant refrigeration. Weatherproof labels with aggressive adhesive can be used directly on units to remind of services that are needed, known as service due stickers, or to provide information regarding warranties, maintenance records and other essential details. Interactive sticker features, such as barcodes and scan-able QR codes, can be used by service providers, equipment leasing and sales companies, and restaurant managers alike. Whatever your needs for sales and service stickers with regard to commercial restaurant refrigeration, the Sales & Service Stickers Division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi) can help.

Service Due Stickers
Companies that provide maintenance, repairs and other servicing for commercial restaurant refrigeration units can take advantage of the interactive sticker features available for our service due stickers. Not only can you provide your company’s contact information so the restaurant manager will know who to call for maintenance, repairs and servicing again in the future, but you can also take advantage of special features that allow you to write-in information or add details that will let them know when they are due for their next service appointment.

Self-laminating stickers are just one of the ways that you can provide details specific to the customer’s equipment. You can also use scan-able QR codes and barcodes that will provide information to your technicians, so they will know about any essential warranty information, past repair and servicing information, parts replacement details, or anything else they might need to know when visiting the unit in person. These details can help expedite repairs, improve parts ordering and ensure that warranty work is done properly.

Equipment Information
Our weatherproof labels are designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, both high and low, as well as chemical and abrasive exposure. This makes them perfect for commercial kitchen conditions, which can have a lot of extremes and heavy-duty cleaning on a daily basis. Sales and service stickers used in these conditions should include our aggressive adhesive and be made from materials that are designed to stand up to the type of punishment that they will receive in a professional kitchen situation. Make sure to discuss where and how the stickers will be used in a commercial kitchen setting when you call to order custom stickers for your equipment.

Interactive sticker features can be used to include important details about the equipment, including serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes and other tools that will help you keep track of the equipment. This information can be important for companies that lease or rent commercial kitchen equipment or for commercial restaurants and other food service industry businesses that have purchased equipment. Our weatherproof labels and nameplates are the perfect choice for asset management, as well as for keeping track of other essential data required to keep the equipment properly cared for and in compliance with state and federal law.

Maintenance Records
For professional repair and maintenance service companies, keeping detailed maintenance records can be very important to ensure that the correct servicing has been provided for commercial restaurant refrigeration units, such as walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Maintenance records are also important to restaurant owners and managers as part of their reporting and compliance requirements as a professional business. Ask our customer service agents how our sales and service stickers can be used to your advantage with regard to maintaining maintenance records for service and repairs.

Cleaning Records
A great tool for commercial restaurants is to use service due stickers and other interactive sticker features to remind employees when cleaning and other servicing needs to be done, as well as a reminder of when to contact a professional maintenance company to come out and perform regularly required services. We have a wide variety of weatherproof labels that can be used on the outside of your equipment in extreme kitchen temperatures and humidity, as well as inside of your refrigeration equipment in extreme cooling temperatures and humidity, without falling off. Speak with our customer services agents about designing and including these options in your sales and service stickers.

Contact the Sales & Service Stickers Division at NFi
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