Custom Sticker Design Tips: Model Furniture Leasing Business

Model Furniture Leasing CompanyThe demand is growing for businesses who specialize in leasing or renting furniture for model homes, apartments and condominiums. Used for decades by real estate agencies, home builders and residential property management companies, model furniture companies have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years due to an increased demand by consumers who want instantly furnished homes, apartments and condominiums, either for primary living, business accommodations, or temporary living solutions.

When renters or prospective buyers tour properties that use your model furniture, it is possible to increase business with stickers and other printed materials. Most model homes will feature a sign that states, “furniture provided by…” to give credit to the furniture provider, especially if they are getting a good rate or package discount. You can also use custom nameplates and decals on the furniture itself to provide contact information for your company.

How Custom Stickers Work
These aggressive adhesive stickers are designed to withstand cleaning products, dust, and abrasives, to ensure that your information stays put wherever you want it to be. They are seen by renters and prospective buyers as they check out the space and look at your beautiful furniture. You can include a variety of information and features on your stickers, using the custom sticker design tips available through our Sales & Service Stickers Division here at Nameplates For Industry (NFi).

Some of the ways that you can increase business with stickers includes:

  • include scan-able QR codes so consumers can quickly access your website and information
  • add details about the series name of the furniture and the piece for easy leasing options
  • make sure that your company name, contact number, and website address are included
  • consider adding other details about the furniture, such as all items included in set or pricing
  • if the furniture comes in other color options, consider included that detail as well

Some of the ways that you can use custom nameplates and decals to your advantage include:

  • include barcodes for asset management at the warehouse and with customers
  • to brand your furniture in model units, providing contact and style information
  • help for model designers and decorators, include QR codes with tips and ideas
  • add maintenance, warranty and service information for applicable items
  • ensure that you are using aggressive adhesive stickers that stay for the life of the product

Short-Term Rentals and Long-Term Leasing
There are a couple of options for furniture rental companies to go by when working with model units and consumers. If you can work directly with a property management company to provide corporate units for renters, you can base your agreements on the property rental term or even include the furniture in with the rate and receive payment from the management company. This provides easy bookkeeping for rentals and anticipation of how long the term will be, based on the rental agreement. It also provides at least a three month minimum rental, as most properties require.

Again, working with property management companies, your business could also provide long-term leasing of furniture for a corporate unit that would be rented to various individuals on a month-to-month basis. The management company would pay your monthly fee to you direct and the furniture would stay on-site for a longer term, eliminating multiple drop offs, set-ups, and pick-ups as people move in and move out of the property. There are a lot of benefits to doing both short-term rentals and long-term leasing. Just make sure to use our custom sticker design tips to put all of our custom nameplates and decals to work for you.

Placement of Aggressive Adhesive Stickers
It is important to choose wisely when picking the placement of your custom stickers. The use of aggressive adhesive means that the stickers will stay put for the life of the piece of furniture, so you won’t want to place the custom nameplates and decals in a place that would detract from the beauty of the furniture. If your goal is to increase business with stickers, you might want to use a lighter adhesive on display model and use the aggressive adhesive stickers for asset management and control by placing them in less conspicuous positions.

Some ideas for placing our aggressive adhesive stickers include:

  • underneath table tops and chairs for dining sets
  • on the back of headboards, bedside tables and dressers
  • under or on the legs of living room furniture and tables
  • on the back of or inside of appliances, depending on the type
  • under statues, planters and other accessories
  • on the back of artwork, mirrors and other wall hangings

Where to Get Quality Custom Nameplates and Decals
If you are in the market for top quality aggressive adhesive stickers and other types of custom labels, look no further than the Sales & Service Stickers Department at Nameplates For Industry (NFi). Our team can help you with custom sticker design tips and find new ways that will help you increase business with stickers. Give us a call at 1-855-510-4634 and speak with one of our customer service agents who specialize in sales and service stickers. We work with many different industries all around the globe and have a wide range of products and options that you can use to your advantage.