Tools for Entrepreneurs: Home Medical Rental Service Stickers

Hospital bed rentalsWhen patients come home from the hospital, but still need to receive some form of care at home, they often rely on home medical rental services to provide them with the equipment they need to make a full recovery. From hospital beds to walkers, crutches to special chairs for showering and personal care, there are a lot of different types of equipment that can help patients in a home setting. Rather than purchasing these items, many physicians, clinics and hospitals suggest that patients rent the equipment, especially if cost is an issue or if the length of need will be limited. Long term care patients may lease or purchase medical equipment, but most clients will have shorter needs.

There are a lot of tools that can help home medical rental services stay on top of their assets, ensure that their equipment has been properly serviced and find new ways to stay in contact with customers in order to continue serving their needs. Personalized service stickers are a popular way for home medical rental providers to achieve all of these goals in one simple product, combining interactive sticker features like barcodes, QR codes and serial numbers, along with contact information and other details that can be used to help increase business with stickers.

Building a Better Sticker
In order to be effective, the personalized service stickers that are created by the sticker printing service should be designed according to the unique needs of the client. For example, in the medical industry, many pieces of equipment must be cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis for the benefit of the patient. Certain chemicals and abrasives will come in contact with the equipment and the custom stickers, so they must be able to stand up to the punishment. The Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi) is aware of these special needs and, in fact, we ask all of our clients how and where the products will be used to ensure that we meet all of their requirements.

Our sub-surface printing methods are used beneath a variety of materials that will protect your company branding, contact and asset information. Choose from a variety of options to create aggressive adhesive stickers that will last for the life of the product that they are designed to be used with, without fading, peeling or falling off during use. Make sure to ask about the interactive sticker features that we provide, such as scan-able barcodes and QR codes for increased data information, sequential or random serial number codes, and much more. Choose from an unlimited array of colors, thicknesses, sizes, shapes and styles to create truly personalized service stickers.

Products for Special Equipment
What type of home medical equipment rentals do you provide to your customers? Some types of equipment get more abuse than others. There are also some types of equipment that will require regular maintenance and servicing during the rental. Make sure to include options that will help you to increase business with stickers, such as reminders of when service is required so your clients will call you and not your competitors. Making your brand and contact information clear will also help you to get additional rentals of other equipment when and if the patients require it during their recovery or home treatment.

Speak with our team of customer service agents, who have many years of experience providing comprehensive industry solutions. They can help you find the best aggressive adhesive stickers for your specific needs, based on the type of equipment you will be renting, how and where it will be used, the length of rentals between clients and the lifespan of the product itself. Our personalized service stickers can be used in many different ways and multiple stickers can be used per piece of equipment to provide different types of data to customers, maintenance service providers and warehouse personnel for asset management and control.

Trust NFi for Your Sales & Service Stickers
There are a wide range of uses for our aggressive adhesive stickers in the home medical equipment rental industry. Whether you want to increase business with stickers, manage assets or keep track of servicing with our advanced interactive sticker features, NFi can provide you with all the tools you need to take your equipment rental business to the next level. Give us a call at 855-510-4634 and ask about our wide range of industry solutions for the medical field, as well as many other professional industries across the board. With over 35 years of experience creating top quality professional service stickers, we can help you achieve your goals with our long-lasting and durable products.