Custom Service Stickers: Food Service Industry Rentals & Sales

Food Service Industry StickersOne of the biggest businesses in the food service industry is behind the scenes. Restaurant owners and other food industry related start-up businesses rely heavily on rentals, leasing and sales of essential equipment. Renting and leasing equipment can help new food industry businesses to stay on budget, reducing initial investments in equipment, as well as maintenance and servicing. Sales and service stickers are used by equipment leasing and distribution businesses to provide a means of providing better customer service to their clients throughout the term of their contract.

How Are Food Industry Stickers Used?
Maintenance service stickers can be used to advise clients of when important services should be performed, either by contacting a service direct or by contacting the equipment provider for in-house servicing. They can also be used to keep track of services that have been completed, through the use of custom service stickers like write-on self-laminating stickers and other data recording options. They are a popular choice for equipment rental, leasing and sales companies, as well as by the services that maintain food industry equipment.

Service decals and labels also serve as a means of tracking the equipment by the warehouse when the items are sent out to a client. Barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers and other types of tracking methods can all be included in these custom sales and service stickers to make it easier to keep track of assets. Knowing when an item left the warehouse, where it went and when it was last scanned during servicing, can help to ensure that equipment is being properly maintained and is being taken care of according to industry regulations.

Custom service stickers can also include company contact information, which can be helpful in obtaining new business in the future. Current clients will know who to contact if they want something new, want to upgrade their existing equipment or need to return the equipment at the end of the rental agreement. Business owners who take over existing food industry operations, can easily look at the sales and service stickers to determine who to call regarding the equipment when it passes hands at the transfer of the restaurant or production company to a new owner.

Why are Rentals Growing in the Food Industry?
The cost of purchasing equipment outright can be a deterrent to a start-up restaurant or other type of food industry related business. There are so many things that are needed to get going, that it can be overwhelming. Combine that with new lease costs for the business space itself, labor, food costs, utilities, marketing and advertising, it is easy to see why so many food industry businesses are now relying on rentals or leases when they first open a new location or operation.

Some of the equipment that is commonly rented or leased includes:

  • ovens and stoves (gas or electric)
  • conveyor ovens, rack ovens and deck ovens
  • fryers and griddles (gas or electric)
  • ice machines
  • dish machines
  • warmers and lighting
  • refrigerators and freezers (standard or walk-in)
  • steamers and charbroilers

It is important for food service industry business owners to choose equipment not based on what is on sale, but what will last the longest, provide the most energy efficiency and give them the best return on their investment. Unfortunately, the better equipment usually costs more to purchase, which is why so many businesses settle for sub-par kitchen equipment. Another option is to forget about purchasing and rent or lease equipment. Depending on the arrangement, the rental company could take care of all the maintenance and servicing via pre-set appointments or through calls made via contact on service decals and labels. Either way, this can save food industry businesses thousands and thousands of dollars up front, as well as thousands of dollars throughout the life of the equipment on saved maintenance and servicing.

New Food Industry Rental Businesses
If you are launching a rental or lease-based business for food industry equipment, there are a few things that you will need to do to make sure that your business runs effectively and efficiently. Custom service stickers can go a long way toward helping you to stay on top of your stock, assets, maintenance and servicing. Maintenance service stickers can be used to notify clients when services need to be performed and other types of sales and service stickers can be used to provide contact information and other essential data. To design your own maintenance service stickers and other tools to be used in a food industry equipment rental business, contact the Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi) by calling 855-510-4634 and ask to speak with one of our industry solutions design specialists.