Sales & Service Stickers: Satellite Dish Sales & Installation

satellite-installation-stickersStarting your own new business can be a challenge, but it pays to have a plan. Learning all you can about the industry, studying the local market and testing to find out the best way to reach your target demographic is all part of the process. As more and more homeowners turn to satellite television and as the companies that provide these services grow, people will need the services of satellite dish sales and installation providers.

Compared to other industries, the start-up costs for this type of work is quite reasonable, maxing out at around $50,000 for tools, equipment and a truck to get you to your customers. Networking with major satellite companies is essential, but so is getting the word out about your services at the local level for installations, repairs, upgrades and maintenance. You can increase business with stickers and use them in a number of ways for promotion.

Repair & Service Reminders
One way to boost your business is to use maintenance service stickers at every job site. Place a sticker on the satellite equipment or on the base where it is easy for the homeowners to read. Then, when they need repair work or services on their satellite dish, they will be able to quickly and easily find your contact information and call you to provide your services. Securing a contract with a satellite company will guarantee you some work, but the rest of the services for the day-to-day work needs to come from your own local marketing and outreach. By providing your contact information at every single job site, you give your customers a way to contact you again in the future when they need more work done.

Future Homeowners
In addition to providing your services to past customers, placing your contact information on one of our aggressive adhesive stickers that are rated for outdoor use in extreme temperatures and are both waterproof and weatherproof, ensures that future homeowners will be able to contact you once your clients move on. When the property gets sold, the dish stays up, so if the new homeowners want to get satellite services, they can go through you directly for satellite sales and services. Not only is this good for your working relationship with the major satellite company that you contract for, but it also means work for you in the future when the new homeowner wants to start service.

Installations & Upgrades
Another way that your sales and service stickers can go to work for you is in making new installations and upgrades. You might get a call from a customer’s neighbor who saw the new satellite you just installed and jotted down your number because you earned a good review. You also might get a call from a satisfied customer who owns a second property or as a referral to a friend or family member who also wants to take advantage of your services. The point is that you can truly increase business with stickers, if you know how to use them to your benefit. You can even hand out custom contact stickers as business cards to neighbors when you do work in a neighborhood or as direct mailer advertising in the region.

Remodeling & Renovations
In some cases, past customers do remodeling or renovation work and need to re-route their satellite connections or move their satellite dish. Remodeling a living room, adding a home theater or including a bedroom or den on the service contract means a visit from the local satellite installation service. Leaving behind your maintenance service stickers can help your customers have a way to get in touch with you again when they need a new installation. As we all know, getting good service is rather difficult these days, so if you have made a positive impression, you could get a call again directly when your services are needed.

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