Custom Stickers: Importance of Food Service Industry Labeling

food-service-labelingOne of the most important actions required in safety for the food service industry is labeling for both packaging to be used in consumer products and restaurants for freshness and food safety. High quality personalized service stickers should be used to help ensure that your food service industry business is operating effectively and efficiently. Custom service stickers can be designed to include interactive sticker features, such as self-laminating options, to further customize your ability to keep track of food items.

If you are thinking about designing your own custom service stickers to be used in the food industry, contact the Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi). Our team of highly trained and qualified customer service agents can help with custom sticker design tips and suggest a wide variety of materials, colors, formats and options that can assist you even more in your daily efforts.

The Goal of Food Service Labels
When it comes to packaging for consumer products within the food industry, the package and label design should be integrated for best results. The goal should be to create labels that are simple, straight forward and easy to read. They should be educational and appropriate to the market that you are trying to reach. In fact, the labels created for consumer food products should be created with the input of your marketing team to ensure that everything is put together with a strategic selling goal in mind.

Some of the things that you need to know for custom food industry labels include:

  • how the sticker needs to be applied, we have a variety of adhesive options
  • what environment will the product be used in, such as refrigerator, freezer, etc.
  • the details on information that will be helpful and beneficial to consumers
  • the areas where your product will be sold, either domestically or globally
  • any important regulations and requirements for the product

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor in both the United States and Canada to make sure that the custom labels and stickers that are designed meet the legal standards for the consumer food products being sold. Unique specifications are required for each product based upon several factors, including the product class, geographic region, intended consumer and the distribution channel. Make sure you take time to read the Food Labeling Guide, which is published by the Food & Drug Administration in the United States and also by Foreign Affairs in Canada.

Custom Service Stickers
There are other ways that personalized service stickers are used in the food service industry. For example, restaurants and production plants that utilize perishable ingredients, need to keep track of best by and use by dates on the products that they use. Interactive sticker features allow restaurant owners and managers to mark received dates, open dates and “toss” dates to prevent expired ingredients from being used in food production. Ask our customer service agents about custom sticker design tips that can help you create truly unique products that will help you to keep everything organized and safe in your kitchen.

Some of the interactive sticker features can include barcodes and QR codes that make it easy to keep track of inventory, account for any product losses and stay on top of expiration dates. Ingredient labels can be created for quick scanning, particularly in restaurants where there are gluten-free, allergy-free or organic options on the menu. Using these features on custom service stickers can help prevent cross-contamination or accidental use of ingredients that should not be used with this type of consumer-focused menu. Color-coding these labels can help employees to see allergen-free ingredients or spot products that contain allergens.

Sales & Service Stickers Can Help
If you are interested in learning more about how custom service stickers can enhance your food industry related business, whether you work in manufacturing products for mass distribution or you own a restaurant or other consumer-based business. Interactive sticker features, including barcodes, QR codes, self-laminating labels, serial number tags and much more, can all be created through our service by using custom sticker design tips. Give us a call at 1-855-510-4634 to order personalized service stickers or to get a FREE estimate on any of our products.