Office Equipment Leasing: Increasing Business With Stickers

increase-office-equipment-leasingFinding new ways to boost sales and increase overall business is the goal of just about any company, regardless of the industry. One of the best tools that you can use to increase awareness of your brand and encourage repeat business in the office equipment and furniture leasing industry is sales and service stickers. While it might not seem obvious at first how a company can increase business with stickers, through the custom sticker design tips available today for business owners, it is possible to turn simple product branding or service due stickers into tools that can work to your advantage.

One of the largest growing businesses today in America is office equipment and furniture leasing. Used by start-up companies, expanding offices and temporary corporate ventures, this industry is not necessarily new, but it is becoming more valuable. The use of sales and service stickers, which identify your company name, contact information and can include scan-able features for stock and asset management, can help to increase the leasing relationship with each client and help you to provide better customer service at the same time. The service provided through this type of service can be extremely valuable for many different types of businesses.

The first type of business that relies heavily on office equipment and furniture leasing is the new business. Most start-ups don’t have a lot of room in the budget to invest in purchasing beautiful office furniture and expensive peripheral equipment, such as copy machines, printers and more. Brand marketing is key in any business, but for office equipment and furniture leasing, it can be crucial to your success. Not only will providing your information through the use of custom sticker design tips make it easier for your clients to contact you when they need new or more furniture, when they are ready to return furniture or if they need to extend their lease agreement, but it identifies your brand to other potential customers.

Your marketing strategy for branding and service due stickers used on office equipment and furniture rentals should be to create a strong first impression. Include the company name or logo, phone number, website address and anything else that you think might aid in your promotional use of sales and service stickers. Make sure that you go the extra mile to make your services simple for clients to use, upgrade and extend without a lot of hassle. Offering beautiful furniture that will help new businesses create a strong first impression to their own customers, clients and potential investors will help solidify your relationship for the future.

Offer a wide range of products, packages and services in various price points. For example, a basic set that has basic office furniture and add-ons that include standard office equipment rentals, can help start-up companies that aren’t sure what they will want or need to make a decision. You can increase business with stickers by making it easy for those clients to use the provided information to upgrade or make changes to their rental package over the phone or online.

As businesses grow, sometimes they need additional office furniture to help facilitate new employees and options at their location. Break room or client waiting room furniture, office cubicles, desks, chairs and more that are available a la carte can be a great way to help those growing businesses to expand. Consider including growth packages that can be easily added on to an existing lease one office space or area at a time.

Again, an all-inclusive package or a la carte selections can both be helpful to office managers or business owners who aren’t sure what they want, but know they need to expand their options. By creating these packages in various price points that match the basic whole office packages, you make it easy for growing businesses to increase their rentals without having to spend a lot of time looking for furniture and equipment that coordinates with what they already have on-site.

Sales and service stickers can be instrumental in encouraging existing clients to contact you when they need additional items. Take advantage of custom sticker design tips through our customer service agents to help increase business with stickers using this method. Service due stickers can help you to maintain office equipment rentals and give you the opportunity to up-sell to clients during repair or maintenance visits.

Pop-up stores, restaurants and offices are all the rage right now, as well as seasonal stores during the holidays or other special times of the year. Companies that offer short-term leasing options for office equipment and furniture rentals can really take advantage of this growing trend. Use sales and service stickers to help make the process simple and easy-to-use in order to gain the continued business of these clients on the move. Use custom sticker design tips and customer service contact to stay fresh in the mind of these clients for future rentals in the area.

Create Your Own Sales and Service Stickers
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