Custom Service Stickers: 5 Ways to Boost Electrical Business

custom-electrical-stickersThere are a lot of outside influences that can affect the electrical service industry, such as the economy, market trends, local construction and the time of year. However, a business that relies on custom nameplates and decals through trusted sticker printing services, can expect to see a higher return of existing customers, experience more word-of-mouth advertising and continue growing and thriving despite those external influences. There are lots of ways that electrical service contractors and business owners can retain existing customers while reaching out to new demographics. This article will feature five primary ways that this can be achieved, some through the use of personalized service stickers and weatherproof labels.

Method #1 – Provide Great Service to Existing Customers
It is important to retain the business of your existing client list in order to maintain your business during a slow season. You can do this first by providing great service to your customers, going that extra mile to make sure that they are satisfied with your services and presenting a friendly and professional impression each time you speak with them on the phone or see them in-person.

Many of today’s big businesses overlook the importance of providing excellent customer service and establishing a good working relationship with the client. Provide weatherproof labels on any work that you do, including contact information and date-of-service, such as installations of electrical boxes or re-wiring work for home theaters. Use personalized service stickers to remind your customers of who to call in an emergency or for new projects.

Method #2 – Make Connections in the Community
Many of the top contractor businesses that are used by residential and commercial clients work as important part of a bigger picture. Remodeling projects often include a plumber, construction contractor, drywall expert and a painter in addition to an electrician. A good working relationship with other area tradesmen can mean making connections to larger companies, contractors and even individuals based on their references.

You should also make connections to the community through the Chamber of Commerce and other business oriented organizations that can help to further your success. Let people at your child’s school, family church, community center and other organizations that you belong to, participate in or support know about the type of work that you do. You never know when your name could come up in conversation about someone needing work.

Method #3 – Encourage Word-of-Mouth Advertising
The best type of advertisement you can ever hope for as a service provider is word-of-mouth. Referrals from satisfied customers, local businesses and other tradesmen is the best way to get new business for your electrical contracting service. Provide customers and others who might recommend your business with custom products from professional sticker printing services. Studies show that people are more likely to hang on to a sticker than a business card. Custom nameplates and decals used throughout your business are a great way to encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

Method #4 – Expand Your Reach
There are lots of ways to expand your reach when it comes to the services that you provide. First, with each individual client, it may be possible to solicit additional work to be done as they need it. Providing each client with personalized service stickers that include your company name, logo and contact information, ensures that they will have a way to reach you if they need services in the future. Consider selling warranty services, annual maintenance services and other work that can be done long after the project is done. This will help keep your foot in the door, so to speak, and can help you get future work.

Another way to expand your reach is to think outside of your local city or town. Consider expanding to the county or regional area that you already service on a case-by-case basis and update your website and advertising materials to reflect your increased service area. As your company grows, make sure to continue making connections, providing top quality customer service and leave your weatherproof labels everywhere you go. Sticking custom nameplates and decals at client’s homes ensures that even if they sell the property and a new mover moves in, that you will be able to market to that address in the future.

Method #5 – Create a Solid Marketing Plan
A solid marketing plan should include a wide array of techniques and methods aimed at reaching out to customers to build your business. Branding, getting the word out about special offers and services, connecting on social media, sending out direct mailer flyers, collecting email addresses for online mailers and other marketing tools should all be used in layers to create a network of options. Contact sticker printing services for tips on other ways that you can use personalized service stickers and weatherproof labels to your advantage.

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