Sales & Service Stickers: Medical Equipment Rentals Business

medical-equipmentThere are a lot of different industries that can benefit from the use of sales and service stickers for branding, to increase business with stickers or for product labeling. Through the use of our custom sticker design tips, companies that provide services, such as medical equipment rentals, can make the most out of this very valuable tool and use it to their advantage. Whether your goal is to brand your business and attract new customers through product awareness or if you just want to use our high quality line of stickers for keeping track of inventory, the Sales & Services Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi) can help.

How Stickers Are Used in the Medical Industry
When it comes to using custom stickers for the medical industry, they are most successful for use with medical equipment rentals. One of the most thriving businesses within the medical industry is medical equipment rentals. From crutches to wheelchairs, hospital beds to home medical equipment and other beneficial products, patients rely on the rental opportunities that can come from this type of business. Staying on top of your equipment through asset management programs that rely on sales and service stickers, can give you more time to work on marketing and customer service, while spending less time in the warehouse.

Serial number, barcode and even scan-able QR codes can be added using some of our custom sticker design tips. Imagine simply scanning the equipment before it leaves the warehouse, when you deliver it to the client’s home, when you service or replace it, and when it is returned back to your shop. When you scan your medical equipment rentals every step of the way, you give yourself the means to keep track of its movement and make sure you know where everything is located in or out of your store. Branding helps you to increase business with stickers by putting your company name, logo and contact information front and center for others who might be in need of medical equipment rentals, to see.

Why Choose Custom Sales and Service Stickers
Today you can purchase all sorts of programs and special paper to print out stickers at your office, however the quality of those do-it-yourself printer stickers is quite different to what you will get when you order custom sales and service stickers through NFi. Since 1975, we have been designing and producing top quality stickers for many different industries around the world. We use high quality materials that exceed the industry standard, to ensure that your stickers stay put. We design all of our stickers, labels and decals to stay on the products or equipment that they are designed to be used with, whether indoors or outdoors, in an industrial situation or in a consumer’s home.

Our stickers are resistant to chemicals and cleaning products, water and weather, indoor and outdoor temperature changes, as well as the normal wear and tear of daily use. These stickers for medical equipment rentals are a great way to identify your company name, location and contact information, all while helping you to build your brand. You can increase business with stickers, by creating a brand recognition within the medical community and the target customer base. This information can be used to provide services and maintenance for your medical equipment rentals or to advise others about your business.

Situations where branding medical equipment rentals is beneficial:

  • a client who is using a wheelchair, but needs a walker or crutches as they get stronger
  • customer that is using a hospital bed, but requires additional home health care equipment as their disease or condition progresses
  • equipment that has been rented by a patient, clinic or hospital is in need of repairs or regular maintenance
  • patient wants to upgrade current equipment to a larger or more high-tech model

Using our custom sticker design tips, you can increase business with stickers or retain current customers by making sure they know who to call when they need additional sales or services. Our team can help you design custom solutions for your business, based upon your target demographic and the types of medical equipment rentals you provide.

Where to Get Custom Sales and Service Stickers
If you are interested in designing your own custom stickers and decals for use with medical equipment rentals, contact the Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry by calling 1-855-510-4634. We can help you with a variety of services, provide you with custom sticker design tips and assist you in choosing the best materials for your products. Whether your goal is to make stickers for inspection or equipment testing, safety data, equipment status, maintenance history or to increase business with stickers, we can help.