Organize a Commercial Fridge or Freezer: Food Service Labels

restaurant-organizationIf you own or manage a restaurant, as well as any other type of food industry based business, you know how important it is to organize and maintain order in your commercial refrigerator and freezer. Organizing helps you to stay on top of your stock, make sure that you use the oldest ingredients first and shift the new deliveries to the back so they can be used in order of freshness. Unfortunately, many restaurants are just so busy and there isn’t much time available to be spend doing organization. However, once you learn some basic tricks to help get your commercial refrigerator and freezer organized and keep them organized on a daily basis, you won’t ever have to stay after closing for hours and hours or waste hundreds of dollars worth of ingredients again.

Stickers for Food Industry Safety
There are a lot of different types of custom service stickers that can be used as food service industry labels. Service decals and labels can be used to keep track of freshness dates on food and remind you and your workers when appliances and other areas of your restaurant need to be cleaned. Even if you assign these tasks to trusted employees, it is important to develop a cleaning schedule and a process for cleaning and organizing so that everyone will know what to do and what to look for when going to check the stock.

In addition to making everything more organized and safer for your customers, this effort also has another side benefit. When you keep your refrigerator and freezers clean, neat and organized, they run better than they do when they are crammed full of food that doesn’t need to be there. You will also refrain from keeping these commercial appliances open longer than you need to, which can run up your utility costs, if you use food service industry labels to quickly and easily identify ingredients so you can get what you want in a hurry.

Tips for Better Organization
In addition to designing custom service stickers, which can be customized to allow you to write in the date the stock arrived, as well as any expiration or “use by” information, there are other tools that you can use to be more organized. Interior shelves, food grade racks and other items can be used to keep everything under control. Additional organization can be done by using service decals and labels to separate cooked and raw meats, cooked and uncooked foods, fruits, veggies, dairy and other staples. This will make it faster and easier to put away stock, as well as faster and easier to find what you need during a rush.

Better organization can help you stick to the three-inch food safe rule, which allows air to circulate between the different items to prevent food from getting too warm. Circulation prevents the creation of “hot spots” inside of refrigerators and freezers, especially when you store items in bulk. This method should also be used for cooked foods, appetizers, frozen desserts, chilled desserts and soup containers. Keep items up off the floor for best sanitation practices and to prevent potential pest issues. Make sure to go over safe food storage practices with any employees who will be doing stock or using the refrigerator and freezer for any reason. If you use stickers for food industry organization, go over those as well.

Where to Purchase Food Service Industry Labels
The Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi) specializes in the design and production of custom service stickers. We work with many different industries, including the food service industry, to create top quality and functional service decals and labels that can be used to enhance your business. When you contact the Sales & Service Stickers division of NFi, you will be working with our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable customer service agents and designers to create your own custom stickers for food industry use.

Whether you want to use them as product labels, reminders of services that are needed, to ensure that food stays fresh or to post serial number information for asset control, our food service industry labels can help. Give us a call today at 1-855-510-4634 to learn more about our products or to place your first order for custom service stickers. Since 1975, NFi has been providing top quality stickers, decals, labels and nameplates to professional customers all over the world.