Affordable, High Quality Sticker Printing for HVAC Stickers

quality-sticker-printingWhen it comes to creating marketing and service due stickers for the HVAC industry, it pays to work with a company that provides top quality weatherproof labels that can stand up to anything that comes in contact with the HVAC equipment. It does you absolutely no good to place a sticker on an outdoor A/C unit only to have the sticker fall off after a few weeks in the sun or fade away to where it is no longer legible enough for the customer to call when they are in need of repair.

Sticker printing services are all over the place these days and many business owners think they can get by with printing their own HVAC service stickers on an office printer. But the goal here is to create quality stickers that are designed to outlast the equipment they were created to be used with, thereby increasing the return on investment in the materials themselves, and the opportunity to boost business as a whole. Your best bet is to hire professional sticker printing services to create labels, decals and stickers that last.

Identify Your Goals for HVAC Service Stickers
The best way to achieve your goals is to identify what you want to get out of using weatherproof labels before you even start designing your materials. For example, if the goal is to remind customers of services that are due, your stickers should contain a place to write in the date of recommended service along with your contact information. If the goal is to provide information about warranties regarding work that has already been completed, you will want to order products that have interactive sticker features that allow you to write it in or include the data via scan-able codes.

Some stickers might be used to get new customers and would contain promotional information, details about the services that you provide and, of course, contact information. Contact information should include a clear, easy to read phone number, website address and possible street address, but only if you think customers would ever have a need to visit your location. Otherwise, you could include your service area or main cities in your region that you service to provide extra details to potential clients. Retaining customers, attracting new customers, branding a business and reminding clients about services that are due are the top goals for most HVAC service stickers.

How and Where HVAC Service Stickers Get Used
If you are new to the idea of ordering products from sticker printing services, you might wonder how and where you will be using these weatherproof labels. When you visit an HVAC business website, you just might be surprised at all of the places and ways that these stickers, decals and labels get used throughout the course of a day. The most popular place to use these HVAC service stickers is on the equipment that is getting serviced. Air conditioners, heaters, duct work and other installations, services and repairs, should all be targeted in this way. Not only does it remind the homeowner who did the work, but it also provides warranty, service and contact information, should they need your services again in the future.

One HVAC business owner says that he puts his stickers, “on every single thing that he touches” when he makes a service call. Another stated that he strategically ordered stickers that were larger than his competitor’s stickers so he could put his on top of theirs. One technician posted that the important thing is to get stickers that don’t fade, as he sees a lot of faded stickers from competitors when he makes service calls. Depending on where you live and the type of equipment you service, you may have other needs for creating durable, long-lasting stickers.

Unfortunately, many of the sticker printing services and options available on the market today cannot stand up to the punishment HVAC equipment stickers must take. For example, equipment that heats up during use will render most printed labels useless. The glue in the adhesive melts away or comes loose after just a few months of use. Sales & Service Stickers utilizes what we call an aggressive adhesive that exceeds the industry standard, making our products strong enough to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, direct sunlight, exposure to the elements and even strong UV rays. It is important to ensure that your sticker stays where you put it to avoid having it fall off or get pulled off by a competitor.

Stickers That Stand Out
Another trick of the trade is to create HVAC service stickers that stand out from the local competition. If everyone else is using a bright orange “warning” type sticker on the equipment they service, you will need to use something that is unique. Choosing a metallic type sticker or a decal that is made from another type of material can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and materials to create a truly unique series of weatherproof labels for your HVAC business. You need to attract attention, set yourself apart from your competitors and make sure you work with sticker printing services that will provide you with quality materials and results.

Contact the Sales & Service Stickers division at Nameplates For Industry (NFi) for more information on interactive sticker features, sticker printing services and designing weatherproof labels that will stand up to the extreme conditions required by HVAC service stickers. Our team can help you choose the best materials, sizes, shapes and colors to promote your business. Give us a call today at 1-855-510-4634.