What You Need to Know: Designing Custom Stickers and Decals

design-custom-service-stickersThere are a lot of businesses that benefit from the use of service due stickers and other types of custom decals. For example, stickers for plumbing business use are widely popular and it isn’t uncommon to see decades old stickers in place from long-standing companies in certain areas of the country. HVAC service stickers are also very popular, helping homeowners and clients remember who to call when they need their seasonal services or if they are in need of repair. Custom stickers and decals can be used in a number of different ways, for marketing, branding and sales, but they are extremely successful when used in the service industry.

Stickers: Not Just for Kids
If you have never used custom stickers in conjunction with your service oriented business, you might not know what to expect. When you think about it, stickers are used in a number of different ways each and every day that we take for granted. For example, when we go and get an oil change at the car dealer, they will often put a cling sticker on the inside of the window with the date and mileage, reminding the car owner when the next oil change should be done. These are known in the industry as service due stickers, and they can be used across many different service industries.

While things like plumbing and electrical services might not have an occasion to use service due stickers, they can still benefit from the use of custom stickers and decals. Placing a sticker inside of an electrical box, on the inside of a cupboard where a garbage disposal was installed or on the outside of a hot water heater, will remind the client who did the work for them last. If you have a successful business, these types of stickers for plumbing business and HVAC service stickers can help you to retain happy customers or even get new business in the future when a new homeowner purchases the property.

Elements to Include in Design
Before you start designing your custom stickers and decals, it is important to know what needs to be included in order for them to be successful. It is vital that the stickers you design are eye-catching, large enough to read, but not so big that they become obnoxious. Think about where you will be placing these stickers at the client’s home or place of business. Make sure that they are tasteful, yet powerful enough to attract attention and get you the results that you desire.

Some of the things that you should consider including in your service due stickers are:

  • the name of your business and company logo
  • information regarding the type of services you provide
  • a phone number, website address or other form of contact
  • a line to write-in the date that you last provided service
  • unique shapes, colors, fonts and text colors to attract attention

Make sure to choose materials for your custom stickers and decals that match the place that you will be putting them at the customer’s property. For example, a pool cleaning service would definitely be placing their service due stickers outdoors, possibly in the sun and in an area where water and chemicals might be present. It pays to choose top quality stickers with an aggressive adhesive from the Sales & Stickers Division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi). HVAC service stickers will also likely be outdoors on air conditioners or indoors on the panel of a heater that will get very warm, so again it is important to get high quality stickers that can stand the test of time.

Work With a Professional
While there are programs out there that let you print stickers from your office computer on the office printer, the quality that you will get from that method just can’t measure up to what you will receive when you work with a professional company like NFi. Nameplates For Industry (NFi) has been providing top quality stickers, nameplates, decals and other essential products to business owners, marketers and service providers just like you for over 40 years. We know how important the quality of your custom stickers and decals can be to the success of your business and we understand why materials that exceed the industry standard are required for the type of work that you do.

From aggressive adhesive to sub-surface printing, a variety of die shapes to long-lasting materials, our team can help you find the best HVAC service stickers, decals for computer repair businesses, stickers for plumbing businesses or whatever type of service oriented business you run. Give us a call today at 1-855-510-4634 and get started on creating a design for service due stickers that will help you build your business.