Boost Business: Custom Service Stickers for the HVAC Industry

boost-hvac-businessOne of the best things that you can do for any business, is to figure out ways to increase and expand your reach without investing a lot of time or money. For many years, HVAC servicemen and business owners have used custom service stickers to do just that. In fact, the HVAC industry is perhaps one of the most successful examples of using custom stickers and decals as part of an ongoing marketing tactic. HVAC stickers have been used for decades throughout North America, allowing technicians to put their stamp, so to speak, on certain customers’ homes and equipment through the use of service due stickers and company logos.

Stickers Have Staying Power
If you have ever been to an older residence to work on an air conditioner or heating equipment, you have likely seen custom service stickers that were left behind by previous technicians. HVAC stickers are used to provide customers with an easy-to-find display of contact information, as most people go directly to the piece of equipment that stops working to take a look at it themselves before calling out a repairman. When they arrive at the malfunctioning piece of HVAC equipment, there they will see your custom stickers and decals, complete with the name of your company, the local address, a phone number and maybe even a website. This will help them know who to call to come out and get everything working again.

HVAC stickers from the Sales and Service Stickers department of Nameplates For Industry (NFi) are designed with “staying power” through the use of our aggressive adhesive. We use an adhesive that exceeds the industry standard, providing our customers with service due stickers and other types of custom stickers and decals, that will outlast the piece of equipment that they get stuck to on the job. That means that when the 10 year hot water heater that you install starts to fail at the end of its life, your custom service stickers will still be there, visible and available for the customer to use and call you out to replace it. Now that’s staying power!

Smart Ways to Use HVAC Stickers
If you aren’t sure how you would use these service due stickers for your company, consider these examples that were provided by some satisfied customers. Using HVAC stickers to your advantage can help you to gain new customers, retain long-term customers and brand your business for many years to come. Custom stickers and decals can be used just about anywhere on the job, either indoors or outdoors and in just about any type of weather conditions.

  • THERMOSTAT – Try putting your custom service stickers right on the thermostat. Whenever an air conditioner or heater goes out, the first place the homeowner checks is the thermostat. Placing one of your HVAC stickers on the inside of the box – or near the box if it is in a convenient place that won’t be a problem for the customer – is a great way to remind them of who to call for services. You obviously won’t be placing your custom stickers and decals on the wall in the middle of the living room, but there are locations where a sticker might be appropriate, such as in a closet, basement or behind a door. Use discretion with your HVAC stickers – you want them to be accessible, but not annoying to the customer.
  • EQUIPMENT – Place the custom HVAC stickers directly on the equipment that you serviced. Don’t try to take credit for work someone else did, such as placing a sticker on a heater when you serviced an air conditioner. That could backfire. If there was a problem with the repair of the heater, you might get blamed and could lose out on all the client’s business. Only stick your service due stickers on equipment that you have serviced. This includes furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters and even portable window units.
  • INSTEAD OF BUSINESS CARDS – Many business owners are now using custom stickers and decals in place of business cards to hand out to customers. Why would they do this? Because marketing studies have shown that people are more likely to hang on to a sticker than to a business card. Cards get tossed in the trash at a very high percentage, but stickers are harder to throw away for the average person. Put all of your contact information on the sticker, including your phone number, service area, type of work that you provide and a website address, if you have one. You can even suggest to the customer that they can stick the sticker near or on the equipment as a reminder of who to call, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  • CREATE INTERACTIVE STICKERS – Another great option to include with your HVAC stickers is to take advantage of today’s technology to enhance the services that you provide. Scan-able barcodes and QR codes can be added and updated to include information about past repairs, maintenance records, warranty information on equipment and much more. Other interactive features can include self laminating write-on custom service stickers that you can use to make notes to yourself about the work that was done, parts that were ordered and other essential information.

Create Your Own HVAC Stickers
If you are interested in learning more about how to use service due stickers for your HVAC business, or if you would like to start designing your own custom service stickers, call the Sales and Service Stickers department at Nameplates For Industry (NFi) by dialing 1-855-510-4634. Our team of highly trained and experienced customer service agents and designers can help you choose all of the elements required to make your custom stickers and decals a success.