New Business Start-Up: Computer or Medical Equipment Rentals

equipment-rentalsThere are a lot of things to consider when going into business for yourself. One industry that is really growing is the world of computer, office equipment or medical equipment rentals. Many other types of start-up businesses are looking for ways to get all of the equipment they need to operate without having to invest in purchasing new equipment outright. There are many advantages to running your own equipment rentals business, such as only working part time, operating your primary business from home and having the ability to grow your business as the demand picks up, according to real time growth.

Keeping track of all your equipment can be one of the most taxing tasks associated with running a business that deals in computer, office and medical equipment rentals. One way to keep it all under control is to use sales and service stickers with interactive sticker features that allow you to scan and record equipment based upon its location and even keep track of important data, such as last service dates, safety inspections, delivery information and more. Custom service stickers are an excellent tool for both small and larger businesses to help you protect your investment and keep track of your rented or leased equipment.

Top Rentals in the Industry
In addition to the typical items that you might consider renting or leasing to individuals or other business owners, such as computers, wheel chairs and fax machines, there are lots of other popular industry driven products and equipment that you might want to consider, based upon the overall theme of your operation. For example, if you specialize in medical equipment, you will want to stick with medical related products, and if you specialize in office equipment, you will want to stick with office related products.

Some of the other top equipment rentals in the lease and rental industry today include:

  • construction tools and equipment – manual and power
  • recreational vehicles – ATVs, motorcycles, etc.
  • marine equipment – personal watercraft, small boats, etc.
  • office furniture and other electronic or audio visual equipment
  • recreational equipment – hiking gear, kayaks, canoes, camping gear, etc.
  • musical instruments – elementary, high school, colleges and professional
  • weddings and parties – chairs, tables, linens, china, etc.
  • portable equipment – generators, campers, hot tubs, pools, etc.

It is possible to create a profitable business by renting just about any type of product or equipment that is in demand in your local area. Some business owners start renting or leasing because they see a need, such as recreational equipment rentals in a tourist or vacation area, while others start renting because they have the equipment readily available and are looking at other options besides sales. Interactive sticker features on our custom service stickers, can help you to quickly and easily scan equipment when it is rented and when it is returned for accurate, real-time data regarding usage, popularity, rental time periods and more.

Why Are Rental Businesses Successful?
One of the biggest reasons why rental businesses are so successful is that they provide products, tools, equipment and more to businesses who can’t afford to shell out $50-100,000 for a piece of equipment that they need to get their own business started. They are also successful in consumer-based businesses because there are many situations where it is in the best interest of the customer to rent or lease something rather than to purchase it outright. Vacations, temporary use, one-time occasions and other situations present themselves, making it advantageous to rent or lease instead of buy.

Rental businesses that utilize technology tools, such as sales and service stickers, to monitor their assets gain the insight and ability to grow their business according to the needs and behaviors of their target customer base. Custom service stickers are a great way to brand your business and get the name and contact information of your company out there for others who might also need your services to see. Interactive sticker features help you to keep track of your equipment, make sure that warranty, servicing and other maintenance tasks are taken care of for optimal results.

To learn more about our full line of custom service stickers and other business tools, contact the Sales and Service Stickers Division at Nameplates For Industry (NFi). Our team of friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you to find the interactive sticker features, styles, colors and designs that will best serve your business. Whether you buy, sell, rent or lease computer, office and medical equipment rentals or any other products, Sales and Service Stickers can help. Give us a call today at 855-510-4634!