Using Service Decals & Stickers for Medical Equipment Rentals

medical-equipment-promotionsKeeping track of inventory and providing contact information for customers can both be accomplished through the use of personalized service stickers for medical equipment rentals. Hospitals, urgent care centers, medical clinics, doctors offices and in-home care for patients can all be facilitated through equipment rentals. It is important to ensure that the service decals and stickers that you use to your medical equipment rentals business are made from quality materials. Aggressive adhesive stickers that are waterproof, weather proof and resistant to chemicals, abrasives and temperature changes are vital to keeping your company name, phone number and identifying information in place.

Whether you are promoting your medical equipment rentals business or using personalized service stickers with barcodes or QR codes for scanning and tracking information, service decals and stickers are a huge asset that should not be overlooked. Companies that specialize in a specific type of medical equipment, as well as companies that provide a wide range of products, all count on aggressive adhesive stickers to increase their ability to provide repairs, maintenance and additional services to their clients. From crutches to wheelchairs, hospital beds to oxygen tanks, it is important to make sure that customers know where the equipment came from and who to call to pick it back up when they no longer need it.

Branding Your Business

Another aspect of using service decals and stickers is in marketing. Branding your medical equipment rentals business is also an important part of building up your business and taking it to the next level. There are a lot of competitors out there just waiting to take a bite out of your customer base, so making sure that your clients know who to call for future rentals is vital to your success. Choosing a catchy or memorable company name, designing a nice looking logo to place on all of your service decals and stickers, as well as providing a memorable website address or phone number, are all part and parcel of branding your business.

When doctors, nurses and physical therapists are able to glance at one of your medical equipment rentals and know right away who it was that provided it, you know that you have successfully branded your business within the industry. Patients might not know who you are, but it really is the doctors offices, clinics and hospitals that contract your services or refer you to patients who are in need of the products that you provide. Knowing who your target audience is and how to reach out to them is a huge step toward building your business within the local medical community.

Providing Better Service

Some of your medical equipment rentals will require servicing and replacement, such as oxygen tanks which need to be switched out on a regular basis. A patient that graduates from a wheelchair to a walker or crutches may also need to contact you to switch out the equipment. By providing your company name and contact information via service decals and stickers, strategically placed on the medical equipment rentals, your customers will always know who to contact even if they have lost their paperwork or your business card.

Having a strong marketing strategy can help you to win new clients, brand your business within the medical equipment rentals field, connect you with clinics and hospitals that will require your services the most and help you to provide the best possible customer service. It important to stay ahead of the curve with regard to marketing and aggressive adhesive stickers can be used to help you accomplish your goals.

Keeping Track of Inventory

Another huge benefit of using service decals and stickers on your medical equipment rentals is being able to add serial numbers or barcode elements that can be quickly scanned or checked off so you can keep track of what items have gone where. This is a huge benefit to any business and personalized service stickers can be designed to encompass all of these beneficial elements in one product. When used in conjunction with an inventory tracker program, these tools can really help to reduce paperwork, waste and help you make sure you always have enough of the items you need in stock.

Get Quality Sales & Service Stickers at NFi

Nameplates For Industry (NFi) has been providing top quality personalized service stickers and a wide range of aggressive adhesive stickers for a variety of industries for many years. Our team is well versed in the type of service decals and stickers needed by medical equipment rentals companies and can help you design a professional looking sticker that you can use to promote your business, track your inventory and provide contact information to clients.

Our team of experienced customer service representatives and designers can walk you through the process and help you create great looking and functional personalized service stickers for your business. Just give our Sales & Service Stickers division at call at 1-855-510-4634.