5 Reasons Why Stickers Rock for Service Business Marketing

5-reasonsThere are many different types of service oriented businesses that rely on service decals and labels to promote their business. They can be used on consumer products for in-house repairs to remind homeowners who to call the next time their HVAC system stops working. They can be used directly on equipment to remind building owners of who installed the equipment so they can call for service. Custom nameplates and decals have been used by the service industry for many years and with great success. Now here are five new reasons why stickers should be used for service business marketing and how they can be distributed to your target audience as part of your service business marketing plan.

#1 – Branding
When it comes to branding your business within the community, there is no better way to do it than with custom service stickers. Instead of simply distributing them at the point of service with a customer that you have already engaged with at some level, you can reach out to new demographics and expand your market reach. Trade shows, community events and other opportunities that bring large crowds of potential customers together are a great place to brand your business. Unlike custom nameplates and decals that are affixed to equipment and appliances for future reference, service decals and labels can be created with your company logo, colors, motto and contact information to bring in new business. Get creative and design your service business marketing products to be fun, exciting and eye-catching so they will stand out against all of your local competitors.

#2 – Promotions
There are many different types of businesses that provide services to their customers. Consumer oriented businesses get discussed a lot in these articles, as HVAC repair, electricians, plumbers, computer repair, medical equipment rental and other similar services are often our biggest customers. However a business-to-business type service, such as professional service business marketing and promotions will also benefit from our custom service decals and labels. Creating a sheet of vibrant, brightly-colored custom stickers that can be distributed to promote the companies that you represent is a great way to showcase your services. Designing custom stickers for your clients or even for sponsors of an event is a great way to promote your services and their businesses at the same time.

#3 – Targeting
What better way to target a specific demographic than to make custom service stickers designed specifically for them? Whether your goal is to attract soccer moms, tech geeks, music freaks, movie lovers, homeowners, business managers or just the average Joe, it is important to know your audience and market directly to them. Custom service business marketing products, including stickers, decals and labels, are a great way to personalize your marketing approach and bring attention to your business. When customers feel that you know them and understand what they want in a service, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

#4 – Popularity
Everybody loves stickers. It’s true! Whether it’s because it reminds us of being kids or because we just like getting free stuff, custom service stickers and promotional decals are a great way to reach out to potential customers. People are more likely to accept and keep a free sticker from a business promotion than to take a business card. Most business cards end up in the trash, tossed away and forgotten. It’s harder for people to throw away custom decals and stickers, so your opportunity to reach out to your target customer base increases when you choose to use service decals and labels instead of printed cards or flyers. Plus, if you create a cool looking sticker, your business logo, mascot or company name could go viral and get a lot of free promotional value in the process.

#5 – Affordability
Unlike purchasing air time on television or buying a billboard space on the highway, custom nameplate and decals are one of the more affordable ways to get your business out there in front of your target audience. Custom service stickers are a very cost-effective type of service business marketing. Even if you order thousands of service decals and labels or choose to use a really high-end material, you will still get a better return on your investment with sales and service stickers than you would with any other marketing opportunity.

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