How HVAC Service Stickers Can Help Retain Current Customers

hvac-stickersBusinesses that work with heating and air-conditioning, which is also known as HVAC, need to be sure to retain current and past customers in addition to focusing on getting new clients. Some HVAC companies stay in business because of return customers and word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied past customers, so making sure that you do all you can to keep your company name in the mind of those customers is crucial. One way to do this is through the use of custom service stickers and weatherproof labels.

New HVAC Business?
If you are new to the HVAC industry and are just establishing your business within the area, you will likely come face to face with the branding efforts of other companies through the power of HVAC service stickers. When used properly, HVAC stickers can be a great way to put your “mark” on your customers’ heating and air-conditioning equipment so they will be more likely to call you again in the future for maintenance or repairs. Weatherproof labels that are designed specifically for the HVAC industry to include the company name, logo, address, phone number, website or any other information that you want to share.

In some cases, you might see years and years of other HVAC stickers, some worn down to the point where they can be barely read and others stuck over top of older custom service stickers from years passed. Some stickers are made of poor quality materials, causing them to fade, fall off or otherwise be ineffective after just a couple of years. Choosing quality weatherproof labels from Sales & Service Stickers that will last through extreme hot and cold outdoor temperatures, weather, sun and snow, as well as HVAC stickers that will still be visible 10, 20 or even 30 years down the line will help give your business “staying power” among all your competitors.

Why Are Sales & Service Stickers Better?
There are many reasons why the HVAC service stickers available through Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers Division are better than other manufacturers. However, in the case of creating custom service stickers that will last throughout the years and still be a valuable tool to the marketing and customer retention strategy of your business, there are two primary reasons. The first is the aggressive adhesive that we use on all of our weatherproof labels and HVAC stickers. Our adhesive exceeds the industry standards, guaranteeing that our decals, stickers and labels will last longer than the equipment that you stick them on to brand your business.

The second reason is the type of materials that we use to create our HVAC service stickers. We print your company name, logo, phone number, website, address and other essential details underneath a .005 thick layer of Mylar or Lexan. This prevents fading, chipping, peeling and layer no matter what happens. Weather, water, hot sun, chemical spills, abrasives, grease – our custom service stickers were designed to be extremely durable. We gave them five times the amount of chemical and abrasion resistance compared to the industry standard. This helps you to keep on branding, selling and representing for many, many years to come.

Creating HVAC Stickers With Value
Some companies use these weatherproof labels as a way to mark their territory. However, you will likely notice that many of them are extremely old and the information that is on them is no longer of any value. In fact, some HVAC repairmen have even started photographing and cataloging some of the vintage HVAC service stickers that they come across in their daily work. Unfortunately, once the business moves, the phone number changes or the company goes out of business, those HVAC stickers lose all of their value. Times change, businesses grow and it is important for your business to make sure that it provides value that will stand the test of time.

The more data that you can include with your HVAC service stickers, the better. Including your company name, logo, address and phone number are all important. However, including a website address is even better. A website can be updated even if the phone number changes or the business location moves, helping your customers to still find you when they need you no matter what. It is a lot harder to go back to all those old customers and put up new stickers after the fact than it is to create custom service stickers with value.

New technology, such as QR codes that can be scanned with smartphones to gain access to a special landing page, warranty information on equipment, repair and maintenance histories, seasonal offerings and discounts or anything else that you want your customers to view, are a great way to get clients to interact with your HVAC stickers. Barcodes can be included to help your repairmen get an instant history of the equipment to see what has been done to determine what might need to be done in the future.

Speak with a customer service agent to find out about all the options and opportunities available that can be added to our weatherproof labels to enhance your ability to stay current and valuable to your customers. Call today at 855-510-4634!