Personalized Service Stickers for a Furniture Rental Business

furniture-rentalSales and service stickers can be a great boon for any service oriented business. However, if you own a furniture rental business, our personalized service stickers can be a great way to increase and expand your business. Through the use of our custom sticker printing services and design team, along with top quality materials used to create our aggressive adhesive stickers, you can brand your business and make sure that the people who rent your furniture know who to call if they need assistance or want to rent more furniture.

Who Uses Rental Furniture?

One of the biggest markets for the furniture rental business is property management and real estate. These industries will often use furniture rental companies to supply the bedroom, living room, dining room and other basic furniture necessary to furnish a model apartment, condo or home. Furniture rental business owners can increase their rental opportunities by using sales and service stickers on the backside, underside and inside of various pieces of furniture to let their customers, as well as prospective renters, leasers and buyers, know who provided the furniture.

There have been many instances where home or apartment shoppers wanted to know where the real estate agent, homeowner or rental agency got the furniture that was used in the model home. As a result, furniture rental business owners who use personalized service stickers and find unique ways to brand their business, gain the opportunity to rent or sell furniture to these prospective customers. Our aggressive adhesive stickers ensure that your company name, contact information and other marketing or branding details will never fall off – even after years of use. All of our sticker printing services are designed to create products that will outlast the furniture or equipment that they were designed to be used with by your business.

Another great opportunity for furniture rental business owners is to market to corporate businesses. Couches, tables, meeting tables, break room furniture, desks, office chairs and occasional chairs are very much in demand to keep corporate offices looking professional. Instead of investing a lot of money into purchasing all brand new furniture every couple of years, many corporations are now turning to furniture rental business owners to provide them with great-looking furniture that can be upgraded or changed out every couple years.

How Sales and Service Stickers Can Help

When you create custom personalized service stickers through our Sales & Service Stickers department at Nameplates For Industry, you open your business up to a whole new opportunity for marketing and branding. Not only can you use our aggressive adhesive stickers to remind renters of your contact information or market your furniture rentals to other prospective customers, but you can also use our sticker printing services to help keep track of your inventory.

Through the use of unique serial numbers, scan-able barcodes and QR codes, many businesses are taking advantage of our amazing personalized service stickers technology and ability to create decals and labels that can be used in this way. Just scan the sticker affixed to the piece of furniture before it goes out of your warehouse and you can instantly store information about who rented the item, where it was delivered and the length of the current rental or lease agreement. This helps you know when you are getting low on inventory or to track down an item if there is a discrepancy on an invoice.

Once the piece of furniture or set of furniture is picked up and returned to the warehouse, just scan the barcode or QR code again to put the serial number back into the system. This will help you to know if you have a certain sized desk or credenza on hand if a new customer calls or comes in to make a rental. Using these personalized service stickers options to enhance your tracking, stocking and warehouse capabilities to your advantage is just another reason why so many service oriented businesses count on the sticker printing services of Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers department.

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