Electrical Industry Marketing Tips: Custom Service Stickers

electrical-industryOne of the best marketing tips in the service industry is to get your company name and brand out there whenever and wherever possible. Electricians have known for generations that custom service stickers that include the company name and contact information are a great way to retain customers and gain new customers in the future. In fact, if you look at some of the older homes in the New England area, you are sure to find service decals and labels, as well as metal nameplates and other types of service due stickers that date back to the early 1900s.

Today, aggressive adhesive stickers from NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers department have replaced the older designs and methods, but the idea is still the same: when your customers need you to repair something electrical in their home, they’ll know who to call. While the materials and extra options that are now available with these modern service due stickers may have changed, the act of placing your own custom service stickers on-site is still a great way to provide your contact information for future repairs and services.

Replacing Other Service Due Stickers?
One of the things that service companies talk about today is whether or not to place their own custom service stickers on top of older service decals and labels from other companies. While some electricians see it as an ethical decision and decline to cover up another company’s service due stickers, there are others who feel that it’s a claimed right that should be taken when you sign on to be the new service provider for a client. One agreed-upon method is that if a company has gone out of business or is no longer providing service in the area, it’s okay to replace the old stickers with your own aggressive adhesive stickers.

Of course the decision is entirely yours. One quick look around internet forums for service providers and you will see many different schools of thought on this issue. Some electricians prefer to pay homage to the retired electricians and out-of-business companies that have gone before them by placing their new service decals and labels next to or underneath the old ones. There are some who even photograph antique or vintage-looking stickers and nameplates, collecting a little memory of times gone by. Others are a bit more bold, seeking to purchase the largest and most aggressive adhesive stickers they can find to place on top of their competitors’ stickers in a sort of “measuring stick” contest, if you will.

Whatever you decide NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers department can help you design and create the custom service stickers that will best represent your business to current customers, future customers and possibly, the electricians of the future. The materials that we use and the adhesive that we apply to all of our products exceed the industry standards, allowing us to provide our clients with long-lasting, durable service due stickers and labels that will outlast the equipment they were designed to be used with at your place of business. Water, weather, wind, chemical and abrasive proof, our custom service stickers are made to look great and keep performing through it all.

Extra Options for Custom Service Stickers
In addition to using these service decals and labels to stake your territory and provide contact information to your customers, there are other ways that they can be used. The whole idea behind service due stickers is to keep track of when you last serviced the equipment and to post a reminder of when the service should be done again for best performance quality. This can apply to many different types of work, installations and repairs.

You can purchase write-able service due stickers that allow you to write custom information regarding the customer, what work was done and the date that it was completed. That can be especially helpful if the customer has multiple stickers on their electrical box and wants to contact your company for the next service. Even if they don’t remember your business name, they will remember when you serviced their equipment last so they’ll know to call you instead of the other guy.

Technology keeps moving forward and can be applied to custom service stickers. Barcodes, serial numbers and even smartphone-capable QR codes can be added to your service due stickers so your crew members can scan them and see what work was done last. Warranty information, installation dates, preventative maintenance and specialty part numbers or contact information can all be added and included for future reference.

Speak with one of our customer service agents to find out more about how these technologies can help you to provide your customers with even better, faster and more informed services. Give us a call at 1-855-510-4634 to place an order or to learn more about our full line of custom service stickers, nameplates, labels and decals.