Sales & Service Stickers: Increase Medical Equipment Rentals

medical-equipment-rentalsThe medical equipment rentals industry can be a very competitive place. Like all other businesses, it is as important to stay relevant to your current customers as it is to reach out and expand to new demographics. As the health care industry continues to grow and expand, the medical equipment rentals industry also has to make changes. Staying on top of the latest technologies and medical trends can be difficult, but having the ability to meet the needs of clients and provide quality equipment and products to your customers is what will attract attention to your business. However, being able to provide your services while providing top notch, friendly and intuitive customer service representation is what will separate you from the competition.

Sales and Service Stickers Can Help

Branding your business is a huge part of any marketing campaign. Making sure that your customers know who you are and know who to call if they need service or to exchange medical equipment rentals is crucial. For example, renting out a wheelchair to a customer who just had knee surgery might be just the first step in the professional relationship, as the customer might need a walker, crutches or other type of medical equipment rentals as the healing process continues. Sales and service stickers remind your customers of who to call when they need to exchange a wheelchair for a walker or to get additional equipment that will help them in their recovery.

In addition to branding and providing quick access to contact information, sales and service stickers can also be used to remind customers about services that might be required for medical equipment rentals to continue functioning properly. Scooters, home oxygen and other portable equipment may require regular calibration or maintenance throughout the time that the customer is using the medical equipment rentals. The Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry can create a line of custom service stickers that can be used as service due stickers to remind customers to call for service.

For example, our self-laminating service due stickers allow medical equipment providers to write down the next date that service is required to remind health care professionals or customers to contact them for service. The stickers are designed to be durable, lasting both with indoor and outdoor use, making the suitable for use with scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. They are also abrasion and waterproof to provide long-lasting legibility, making it easy for customers to stay on top of equipment maintenance and services. Additional types of sales and service stickers products can be used as service due stickers, complete with QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers and other tracking technology to help with equipment inventory control.

Getting Your Brand Noticed

The best way to increase your business and retain current clients is to work directly with physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and in-home service providers. Once you persuade them to try your medical equipment rentals and you win them over with your amazing customer service and follow through via service due stickers and other custom service stickers, you will increase your flow of orders for equipment on a regular basis. The equipment that you carry, the way that you provide it and the approach you use in providing service for it is what will help your business grow in the medical community.

Hiring sales staff and customer service agents who know about the medical equipment rentals that you carry and have at least a basic knowledge of the health care industry is also very beneficial. Your sales representatives should be able to answer any questions or concerns that potential clients must have regarding the equipment. In many cases, medical equipment rentals businesses will hire nurses, physical therapists and other health care workers to sell their equipment for them to ensure that they know the business.

The sales and service stickers that you apply to each and every piece of equipment that you sell or lease will also help others to identify your brand. The equipment that your customers use is what other health care professionals will judge you and your services by. For example, if you lease out poorly serviced scooters and one of your customers visits a doctor for a check-up, the doctor will likely notice your custom service stickers and identify that shoddy piece of equipment with your brand. On the other hand, if you offer high quality medical equipment rentals and services, the sales and service stickers you use will serve as a rolling billboard of sorts that sings that praises of the services you provide.

Ordering Custom Service Stickers

If you are interested in learning more about our full line of sales and service stickers options for service due stickers, branding and other beneficial uses for medical equipment rentals businesses, contact the Sales & Service Stickers Division of Nameplates For Industry by calling 855-510-4634. Our team of customer service agents will walk you through the process, put you in touch with our technicians about designing your custom service stickers and help you select the products that would best serve your needs. All of our sales and service stickers are made right here in the U.S.A. at our New Bedford, Massachusetts location.