Personalized Service Stickers for HVAC Industry – and Beyond

hvac-stickersRegardless of what it is that you sell or provide services for, personalized service stickers can help you to retain current customers, while branding your business to attract the attention of potential future customers at the same time. The HVAC industry is an excellent example of just how powerful these custom nameplates and decals can be for the advancement of a business. HVAC stickers, when properly used and placed at a job site, can become a source of free advertisement for many, many years to come. However, in order for these sales and service stickers to really go to work, they need to be designed and created by top quality sticker printing services that understand the need for the materials to be able to outlast the equipment they were designed to be used with by the customer.

The Sales & Service Stickers Division of Nameplates For Industry has many years experience working with personalized service stickers, custom nameplates and decals. Our division specializes in the design and creation of stickers, decals and other products that will be used by sales and service companies to communicate with customers, provide details on service due dates and help to attract new business when the original customer moves, leaving behind the equipment for the next property owner or renter. We use materials and standards that are above and beyond the industry minimum to ensure that your company brand, name, logo, contact information and other details stay put.

Designing Your HVAC Stickers
When it comes to creating your very own line of personalized service stickers, it pays to consider the details. Make a list of the objectives that you are trying to reach through the use of these custom nameplates and decals. Do you want to brand your services and create an easy-to-find phone number or website address for your customer to use to call you when they are in need of repair? Do you need waterproof, weather proof or long-lasting adhesive to make sure that your HVAC stickers remain legible and properly affixed over a long period of time? Do you need to make sure that your stickers are coated so that they are safe from chemical exposure, weather or abrasives? These are all things that must be considered.

You might have seen other HVAC businesses post stickers with their name, logo and phone number inside of electrical panels, directly on A/C units or next to heating units at various locations. The numbers might be faded due to sun exposure or the name of the company may have worn off after one too many winters. It is important to see what the issues are with the old stickers before you begin designing and ordering your own from your professional sticker printing services. We have many unique options that you can use to increase the strength, durability and custom options with regard to your personalized service stickers.

HVAC Stickers from Sales & Service Stickers
When you place your order for custom nameplates and decals through the Sales & Service Stickers Division of Nameplates For Industry you can rest assured that your HVAC stickers will last for a long time. Durability, long-lasting strength, waterproof, weather proof and an aggressive adhesive are standard in our sales and service stickers products. Plus, you get truly free reign of creative control through our ability to use unlimited colors, multiple design options, a huge stock of die shapes and sizes – all created on our advanced sticker printing services equipment.

  • DURABILITY – Our custom nameplates and decals have five times the amount of resistance to abrasions and chemical exposure compared to the standard products created by other sticker printing services throughout the industry. Our unique approach of placing the printed portion of your sticker underneath the .005 thick layer of Lexan or Mylar helps to prevent peeling and layering over time.
  • LONG-LASTING – We design each and every custom order for personalized service stickers to last for the life of the product. That means, our HVAC stickers will last as long as the new hot water heater, air-conditioning unit or heater that you install at a client’s home, providing clear contact information for future services and repairs.
  • WATER/WEATHER-PROOF – All of our sales and service stickers are designed for indoor and outdoor use, having been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for all weather results. It is our unique construction process that makes it possible for our HVAC stickers to outlast our competition – and yours!
  • AGGRESSIVE ADHESIVE – When we say aggressive, we mean it. Our adhesive layer exceeds the industry standard by more than double. This ensures that our custom nameplates and decals have extra staying power. The industry standard uses a 1-2 mils thick adhesive, while we choose to use a superior quality 5 mil thick aggressive adhesive that is designed to last and last.
  • QUALITY – Nameplates For Industry has built its reputation on exceeding industry standards because we do so at every step of the process in our sticker printing services. We create our custom products on an HP Indigo 5500 press, which is a very high quality piece of equipment that costs more than $300,000. This allows us to create images that are incredibly detailed and clear. True photo quality results are available through the use of this very impressive machine.
  • GUARANTEED – When you place an order with Sales & Service Stickers for your HVAC stickers or other custom nameplates and decals, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We won’t print a single thing until we have your approval. A design proof is provided to each customer before printing to ensure complete satisfaction.

Get Your Own Personalized Service Stickers
To begin the custom design process of your professional quality HVAC stickers or other industry sales and service stickers, give us a call at our New Bedford, Massachusetts location. All of our products are designed and created right here in the U.S.A. to ensure that every order meets your specific requirements and standards. Call the Sales & Service Stickers Division of Nameplates For Industry at 855-510-4634 and get started on your new business marketing and customer service campaign today!