Service Business Marketing Tips for Medical Equipment Rentals

medical-equipment-businessIt seems as if all anyone wants to talk about these days is health care. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the health care industry will require more clinics, hospitals, services, equipment and personnel to be able to meet the needs of all their patients. Medical science and research play a big part in the daily business of living for many people who depend on medical equipment rentals and sales in order to live life to its fullest. Whether the patient needs to rent oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers or electric chairs, service business marketing can help customers be aware of what is available and can help the companies that provide those services to grow.

Starting a Medical Equipment Rentals Business
If you are interested in cashing in on the growing need for more medical equipment rentals, leases and sales in this country, this article will be very helpful. It will outline what you need to do to get started, provide tips for service business marketing, assist in tips on how to use sales and service stickers to further your business, as well as other ways that custom stickers and decals can be used as a part of your business model. While the type of products that are being offered may be different from other businesses, the basic focus and scope of medical equipment rentals remains the same. The basic fundamentals of starting your own business from scratch will still apply.

Step One – Make a Plan
Any type of business needs to have a plan. Create a plan that outlines what you will need to get your medical equipment rentals business going and create a budget as well. Take a look at other similar businesses in the area to see what type of equipment and service business marketing they employ so you will know what you are up against with regard to the competition. Check pricing to make sure that you will be able to sell, rent and lease your equipment at a competitive price and consider applying for a business loan if you think you will need more than what you have saved to get going.

Step Two – Consider a Ready-Made Option
Another way that many people go into business is to purchase an existing business from someone who is ready to retire, move or get out of the industry. When it comes to medical equipment rentals, purchasing an existing leasing business has very clear advantages. First, you would gain access to a client list as well as any medical clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices that the company works with, giving you instant customers from day one. Second, you would get a solid base of medical equipment that you could instantly begin renting, leasing and selling from the inventory of the existing company. It might cost a little more up-front to purchase a business outright, but you would be able to start making money right away.

Step Three – Sales and Service Stickers
Another benefit to purchasing an already existing business is the branded presence that the company has through the use of custom stickers and decals. When sales and service stickers are used in the medical equipment rentals business, they give you a great way to reach out to existing customers without having to contact them directly. Stickers that bear the company name, contact information, website address and other key details can help customers know who to call when they need additional equipment or to return equipment that they have been renting. They also know who to call for services. Including a serial number on sales and service stickers can help business owners keep track of equipment. If the company you are thinking about buying already uses these custom stickers and decals on their equipment, you will have an edge. If not, make sure you start using sales and service stickers as part of your service business marketing efforts right away.

Step Four – Licensing and Permits
Make sure that you check with local authorities or a legal adviser to find out what type of licensing and permits you must have to run a medical equipment rentals business. Make sure that you purchase insurance that will cover your equipment and business from weather-related disasters, such as flooding, hurricanes and other storms. Have a lawyer draw up your rental and lease agreements to ensure that you are properly covered. If purchasing an existing business, you will want to sign new agreements whenever possible with long-term renters to make sure you are protected. If you do not know how to do equipment servicing yourself, consider hiring someone to be on-staff or work with a reliable source that will help you to maintain your inventory and keep it in proper working order.

Step Five – Work with the Medical Industry
Get catalogs, go over sales policies and find out what you will need to do to start buying new inventory from medical equipment sales and manufacturing companies direct. If starting from scratch, get a base of wheel chairs, oxygen tank setups, hospital beds and other most commonly requested items. Meet with health insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, before you begin your service business marketing to ensure that you take care of the paperwork according to their requirements. Visit doctors, medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities to find out about their needs and to introduce yourself and your business within the local medical community.

Sales & Service Stickers Can Help
Once you get all of your medical equipment rentals inventory up to where you need it to be, take time to work on your service business marketing. Using custom stickers and decals to brand your business can be a great way to market to new customers and encourage new business from current or past customers. Sales and service stickers can be fully customized at Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers division. Choose from an unlimited array of colors, fonts, sizes and shapes, as well as special features like barcodes, serial numbers, QR codes and more, to help improve your ability to market and do business. Give us a call today at 855-510-4634 for questions or to start designing your custom stickers and decals.