Custom Stickers for Restaurant Equipment Leasing & Rentals

restaurant-equipmentOne of the biggest challenges associated with getting into the restaurant business is purchasing all of the kitchen equipment and dining room furniture required to open up to customers. Setting up a restaurant means spending a considerable amount of money to buy stoves, grills, gas ranges, ovens, freezers and refrigerators. Not to mention all of the tables, counters, cash registers, chairs, booths, credit card machines, computers and other equipment necessary to take care of business. Once you start adding up all of the things that you will have to buy just to open the doors of your restaurant for a single day, it can become quite overwhelming.

Restaurant equipment businesses will often rent and lease all of the appliances, furniture and machines required to run a restaurant. They often sell equipment as well, but more often than not, most restaurant owners are interested in lowering their initial costs by renting or leasing what they need. Sticker printing services like the Sales & Service Stickers division at Nameplates For Industry (NFi), help these equipment rental companies by providing them with custom sales and service stickers that can be used to brand, identify and keep track of the equipment that they move out of their warehouse.

How Stickers Can Help

Water, abrasion, chemical and weatherproof labels are perfect for this type of industry, giving customers a great way to gain quick access to contact information to call the rental company if they need service, repairs or to upgrade equipment. Service due stickers can be used by restaurant equipment sales, rental and leasing companies to advise customers of when the equipment needs to have service done. All they have to do is call your office from the contact information provided on the sales and service stickers, request service and your technicians can make a service visit to their location.

Using professional sticker printing services like Sales & Service Stickers can put you in control of what goes into your weatherproof labels. Choose from an unlimited array of colors, shapes and sizes, create or add your own logo, include contact information and select from a variety of extra options, such as barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers and other tools that can help you do more with your business. The more customer service you can provide to the restaurants that rent or lease your equipment, the more you will increase your rentals and your ability to continue providing services to those customers.

Sticking Points for Restaurant Equipment

When selling, leasing and renting out restaurant equipment, you need to make sure that the kitchen appliances you provide are all CSA approved. They need to have the CSA sticker in place to ensure that your customers avoid fines and other issues with the local health department. Your equipment needs to be in good working order and you need to have visible proof of maintenance that has been done. This is where service due stickers can be very helpful. NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers division sells a variety of service due stickers, some that can be written on and then self-laminated to show the most recent date that service was completed along with the next date that service is due.

Another way that sticker printing services are helpful is to allow equipment providers to track their inventory through the use of serial numbers, scan-able codes and other custom, interactive features. Speak with a representative about the features available on our sales and service stickers that you can use to your advantage. All of our weatherproof labels, stickers, decals and nameplates are backed by our aggressive adhesive, which is designed to outlast the even the equipment itself. You don’t have to worry about your service due stickers or branded sales stickers coming off due to chemicals, cleaning fluids, abrasives, grease or other typical kitchen hazards.

Call NFi for Sticker Printing Services

If you are in need of sales and service stickers, service due stickers or other types of chemical and waterproof labels for your restaurant equipment sales, leasing and rental business, call Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers division at 855-510-4634. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable customer service agents can help you choose the best stickers and labels to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, materials and more to create a truly custom product for your business. Our sticker printing services have been providing quality results to our clients since 1975. You can trust our team to design and create durable, reliable products that you can use to expand and increase your business.