Using Sales & Service Stickers to Promote a Service Business

promote-a-businessIf you promote, own or operate a service oriented business, you are well aware with just how competitive the service market has become. To run a successful business, you need to learn all you can and be prepared to think outside the box in order to persuade prospective customers into becoming customers, and customers into becoming repeat customers.

In the case of current customers, the advantage is squarely in your court, as studies have shown again and again that people like to do business with someone they know. When given the opportunity, consumers will choose to work with a company or person they have had an experience with in the past over someone they have never met or worked with before, even if the new company offers better prices, better deals and a far superior product.

Figuirng out how to use service decals and labels to garner that repeat business is key to running a successful service oriented business. You can increase business with stickers, not just with current customers, but with future owners of the things you have serviced and at the addresses where you once performed services, if you play your cards right. Here are five tips for service businesses that will show you how to use sales and service stickers to boost your bottom line.

#1 – As a Networking Tool

Sales and service stickers make for a wonderful networking tool. When it comes to building your business, much of your business will come from your current customer list – either in repeat business, word-of-mouth advertising (referrals) or from people seeing your service decals and labels affixed to the equipment you service or the things that you sell, rent or lease. You can truly increase business with stickers simply by including your company name, contact information and a brief statement about what you do.

For example: “Company ABC, 1800-555-5555, Office Equipment Leasing & Sales” would be a simple and straight-forward example of sales and service stickers for Company ABC. It includes contact information so their customers who have leased or purchased equipment can contact them for pick-up or to lease more equipment, but it is also visible for employees, colleagues and customers to see the sticker and remember the company name and information for future use. It’s like handing out your business card at a networking convention without even having to be there!

#2 – Recurring Business

So as not to minimize the power and importance of recurring business, we decided to focus on this one huge benefit of service decals and labels as its own point. Think about how much it costs to attract one new customer to your business. The amount of money you put into marketing, advertising, promotions, sales and other efforts. It costs more to attract new business than it does to encourage recurring business, so straight out of the gate it is more cost-effective to increase business with stickers and spend less time chasing after new clients. This is one of the best tips for service businesses because a happy customer will likely be a repeat customer, especially when it comes to service work.

#3 – Know Your Competitors

Many tips for service businesses that you will see involve knowing who your competitors are in the area. It can be easy for plumbers, electricians, HVAC repairmen and other similar professionals to know who their competitors are – especially if they see a trail of sales and service stickers in their wake. Studies show that professional services should post “call for repair or service” type sales and service stickers at every job site so the client will know who to call the next time they need repairs or services.

So when you fix an A/C unit – place a sticker on the electrical junction or at the side of the unit; when you fix a hot water heater – place a sticker on the unit; when you fix a breaker – place a sticker on the inside of the electrical box. It’s easy to see how service decals and labels can be used in just about any service profession in the same way, from computers to appliances, HVAC equipment to fuel storage tanks, it pays to use sales and service stickers to remind customers of who serviced their equipment last.

#4 – Get Feedback from Customers

You might think you did a great job for your customer, but what does your customer really think? One way to interact with your customers after the job is done and find new ways to improve your business is to ask for feedback. There are a couple of ways that you can do this and integrate your service decals and labels. Provide your customer with one of your sales and service stickers when you give them a feedback form. Tell them if they liked your service they should use the sticker to remind them of who to call the next time they need service.

The customer can place this sticker on a refrigerator, near their home phone number, in an address book or anywhere they would like. If you create quality, professional-looking sales and service stickers, your customers will be more likely to hang onto them and use them if they liked the service that you provided. So not only will you get feedback about your work and know for sure that your customers are happy with your service, but you will also get an opportunity to increase business with stickers by handing one directly to the customer.

#5 – Ask for Referrals

Another great use for sales and service stickers is to come right out and ask customers to send you referrals. Give them a “welcome kit” of information about your business that includes five or six of your professional-looking service decals and labels that they can hand out to family and friends. Make sure to include a referral incentive, such as $50 off your next service call or something like that so the client will be even more inclined to tell people about you and your business. Referrals are one of those tips for service businesses that never go out of style, but it is important to find new ways to do it. You can truly increase business with stickers using this refer-a-friend approach.

Where to Get Sales and Service Stickers

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