How to Promote a Plumbing Business – How Stickers Can Help

plumbing-businessMarketing a plumbing business or any other type of repair service industry is a little more complicated than marketing a service industry that people use every day. Out of sight, out of mind is one way to describe how many consumers feel about hiring a plumber. They might use one company and get excellent results, but because they don’t need to call them for another six months to a year, they forget who they called and call a competitor instead. This is bad for the plumber and bad for the consumer, especially if they have a bad experience with the new company because they forgot who to call.

Sales and Service Stickers
Did you know that one of the best ways to ensure repeat business is through the use of custom stickers and decals? Companies have been using sales and service stickers to remind customers of the name, contact information and services they provide for many years. Stickers for plumbing business service and marketing stickers can be a huge asset to your company, helping to bring repeat customers and new business in at a steady pace. Sales and service stickers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Your custom stickers and decals can be small and subtle or big and loud, it all depends on your taste and the type of message that you want to send.

Coordinating sales and service stickers can be used to ensure that customers don’t forget you between services, applying basic stickers for plumbing business on hot water heaters, pool equipment, septic systems, main pipe areas, washers and dryers, underneath sinks – or anywhere that you provide service. The idea is that when the homeowner needs help, they will look at the problem themselves, see your sticker and then give you a call for service. A second sticker that is more user-friendly and eye-catching can be handed directly to the customer when the job is done so they can stick it on the refrigerator, somewhere near the phone or anywhere else that they might go to see who to call when they need repairs.

Beyond the Phone Book
It used to be that all you had to do to promote your plumbing business was to take out an ad in the local phone book and hand out some business cards. Today, most plumbing businesses have a website and a listing in Google Places rather than an ad in the phone book, as most homeowners throw out new phone books as soon as they get them – sight unseen. The only way to truly compete in the market is to get your business out there for the public to see. Branding is important in any industry, but even more so for plumbers, electricians and other home repair services.

Branding With Stickers
Custom stickers and decals can also be used to help brand your business. A memorable logo, along with bright, eye-catching colors and your company name and information, can be a great way to attract attention and use marketing stickers to boost your business. A funny saying, a mascot or relate-able character – when you have all of the right elements, you could end up with sales and service stickers that go “viral” and become the latest trend around town. It can really pay to get creative with custom stickers and decals to help promote your plumbing or other service-oriented business.

Ideas for creating stickers for plumbing business:

  • Logo – Clean up your existing logo or start fresh with a brand new one. Take a look at your current logo and ask yourself whether or not it shouts “plumber” or “plumbing services” to first-time viewers. A logo doesn’t just brand your business, it becomes a graphic cue that will stick in the mind of the customer and make them think of you whenever they see it. This means repeated exposure on your business cards, the side of your truck, your custom stickers and decals and any other type of marketing stickers and tools that you use to promote your business.
  • Character – As mentioned, a mascot or a cartoon character that is symbolic of your business is always a good idea. Just think about GEICO gecko or the cheetah from Cheetos snacks, all you have to do is take a look at one of those guys and you instantly know what company they represent and the things that they sell. A character can also help you to build on a solid marketing campaign with coordinated efforts that include sales and service stickers, flyers, websites, promotions and more.
  • Motto – Another good tip is to develop a tagline or a motto that can also be easily identified with your business. One example would be Burger King, who has used the “Have it your way!” tagline for many years. Another would be Greyhound Bus Lines, who has used, “Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us!” to provide an instant picture of relaxing and enjoying the ride without having to drive or fight in traffic. Think about your business and the services you provide. You can use your new tagline on marketing stickers and on sales and service stickers for plumbing business.

Where to Get Sales and Service Stickers
If you are interested in learning more about all of the options and opportunities that come with using stickers for plumbing business, contact the Sales & Service Stickers department at Nameplates For Industry. We specialize in developing custom stickers and decals for our customers to use to help promote, brand and build their business, while focusing on increasing repeat business through sales and service stickers. Give us a call today at 1-855-510-4634 to find out more about what we do or to place an order so you can get started using marketing stickers to promote your plumbing or other type of service oriented business.