Five Custom Sticker Design Tips to Increases Brand Awareness

sticker-design-tipsOne of the most cost-effective and simple ways for companies to increase brand awareness and promote their business to new customers is the use of custom sales and service stickers. There are many interactive sticker features available now for companies to use to their advantage that can help to market their products or services to new customers, while reminding current customers of their offerings to encourage repeat business.

The challenge for many companies, however, is in the design of these sales and service stickers. It can be difficult to know where to start, what elements are required and how much information should be included. This article will feature five custom sticker design tips that can be used by just about any type of business – small, mid-sized or large – to help increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Tip #1 – Create a “Call to Action”

In the marketing world, a Call to Action (CTA) is used in every type of printed marketing campaign to encourage consumers to do something. That “something” could be to make a sale, share contact information, sign up for a free newsletter, register for a contest or do just about anything else that would count as a “conversion” for your business. Sometimes collecting consumer data for future marketing is your only goal, while other times the point is to increase brand awareness and let consumers know what it is that you are selling. In other instances, making sales and encouraging word-of-mouth referrals is the goal.

Adding a catchy phrase or inviting bit of text that says what you want the customer to do, along with your phone number, website address, email address, a scan-able QR code or other contact information is the way to go. Examples of these interactive sticker features could include: “Contact us for a FREE estimate!”, “Refer a friend and get 10% off!” or “Join our newsletter for coupons and special discounts!”

Tip #2 – Smart Color Choices

Most companies will choose the colors used on their custom sales and service stickers based on three schools of thought. The first being to use the company color scheme to increase brand awareness; the second being to use bright, bold colors to attract attention; and the thrid being to use colors that represent the idea that you are trying to get across or a theme you are including with your pitch. Some of the best custom sticker design tips have to do with color, so it is important to pay attention to the colors that you use, choose a good contrast and make sure that the text will be easy to read.

If you aren’t sure about color choices, our customer service representatives at Sales & Service Stickers can help. We have an unlimited array of colors available for our customers to choose from and if you have any questions about custom sticker design tips or methods used to increase brand awareness through color, just ask! Our team is happy to help you find the best color choices for your sales and service stickers.

Tip #3 – Shapes & Sizes

The next phase of your custom sticker design is to think about the shape and size that you want your sticker to be. You can choose to use a standard size and shape or choose from our huge collection of custom dies that we have amassed throughout the years. Our technicians also have the ability to create a custom die according to your specifications, however chances are that we will have a pre-made die or shape that you will want to use to create your interactive sticker features.

Unique shapes and sizes of sales and service stickers can help them to stand out among all of the square, rectangle, circle and oval shaped stickers that are plastered all across America. Just make sure you don’t go too crazy with your shapes and that you choose a template that will be able to handle all of the interactive sticker features and contact information you need to effectively increase brand awareness.

Tip #4 – Choose a Quality Service

One of the best custom sticker design tips is to work with a reputable company that has many years of experience providing quality sales and service stickers. You don’t want to invest a lot of time and money into designing your custom decals only to discover that they fall off your customers’ appliances and products within a few months or years, rendering them useless for future marketing and sales opportunities. Choose a quality sticker printer provider for your sales and service stickers to make sure that they really last for the best return on investment.

NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers division has earned a reputation for creating high-quality custom stickers that are designed to outlast and outperform even the products that they are applied to by our customers. The materials, thickness, method and even our aggressive adhesive exceed industry standards for this type of design. Our products are weatherproof, waterproof and can stand up to UVA rays, abrasives and chemical contact.

Tip #5 – Think Marketing

Every single step of the way from concept to printing, you must think about marketing. The best way to increase brand awareness is to use all of the options and interactive sticker features available to you in your sales and service stickers. Placement of stickers after the fact should be considered throughout the process. For example, stickers that are placed on equipment that has been repaired or installed, leased or rented equipment, presentation folders or sales packets, used as giveaways at live events or handed directly to customers for future contact will all require different approaches and interactive sticker features.

Again, if you aren’t sure how to go about designing your sales and service stickers, speak with our friendly and helpful customer service team. Some of the best custom sticker design tips will come directly from these individuals who have years of experience helping our clients to find the best design that will suit their needs and increase brand awareness.

Where to Get Sales and Service Stickers

The best place to get quality sales and service stickers is through Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers division. This part of NFi is dedicated to creating custom stickers, decals and labels for our clients that are designed to increase brand awareness and take advantage of modern interactive sticker features that will help to boost business and increase sales. Call and ask about our free estimates and special offerings at 1-855-510-4634.