Custom Sales and Service Stickers: Increase Sales and Reach

increase-sales-and-reachThere are two things that your marketing campaign should help you achieve: an increase in sales, as that will directly affect your bottom line and overall success; and your reach, which is the range of consumers that you are able to successfully target with your campaign as a means of increasing the range your target demographic. In order to achieve these goals you need the right tools for service businesses that will help you to continue providing services to current customers through repeat business, as well as help you to get your company out there to new customers who are in need of your services.

Sales and service stickers are the best tool for this job. Businesses that create custom stickers and details for the purpose of branding, providing contact information and other data necessary to better serve their clients have the ability to increase sales and reach at the same time. It might be hard to believe that personalized service stickers can provide so many benefits, but once you finish this article and take a look at the products offered through Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers division, you will have a greater understanding and appreciation for these valuable tools for service businesses.

Benefit #1 – Marketing Your Brand

If no one knows that your business exists, you won’t get any new business. Your brand, which includes your company logo, the name of your business and identification by consumers with the work that you provide. Branding is all around us. All we need to do is see the “golden arches” to know that cheeseburgers and french fries will be served at that establishment. The big red circle with the dot inside the middle signifies one of the most well-known “big box stores” in the United States and we only need to catch a glimpse of that simple apple with the bite out of its right side to know that we’ll be able to buy the most popular music players, smartphones and tablets on the planet.

Your brand can be planted in the minds of your customer base as well. Custom stickers and decals help to hit that message home. You can establish the services you provide within your local community or service area through the use of sales and service stickers, which can be applied to the things that you service for your customers. For example, an HVAC company would leave personalized service stickers on the heater, air-conditioning unit or other appliance that they service so the customer knows who to call if they need maintenance or repairs in the future. Including your company logo, contact information and data regarding the service that was performed, either using a write-able sticker or scan-able QR codes, can help improve the services you provide as well. This is just one example of one type of business, however this use of custom stickers and decals can be applied to just about any business model that involves providing services to consumers.

Benefit #2 – Consumer Incentives

You can also use your sales and service stickers to provide your customers with incentives to use your business again in the future or to recommend you to other potential clients. For example, you can place your personalized service stickers at the point of repair, such as the hot water heater, electric breaker box or landscape irrigation system, and advise your customer that your information is available there. You can also give them a second custom sticker or decal that they can use wherever they like to keep your contact information close and available.

These stickers can be shared with neighbors and friends who might be interested in finding out who did such a great job for them. The incentive would be to let your customers know that you will give them a discount off of future work and services for every new customer they recommend. By providing them with personalized service stickers, you will be able to track where the referral came from with specific data that you build in to these tools for service businesses so you can give credit for making the referral. Sales & Service stickers has lots of great custom stickers and decals as well as personalized service stickers that you can use to provide consumer incentives.

Benefit #3 – Future Customer Referrals

Another benefit of using sales and service stickers at every job site and for every customer is the ability to reach the next customer who owns the equipment or appliance that you have serviced. Whether the unit gets sold or if the HVAC system now belongs to a new homeowner, you now have the ability to get new business from the new owner through your contact information that is visibly displayed via your custom stickers and decals. The new homeowner has a problem with the hot water heater, takes a look at it and sees that you are the service provider.

They now have the choice to contact you, a business that has experience working at this property and on this equipment, or another provider that they have worked with in the past. Studies show that most new homeowners are more likely to contact the provider listed on the personalized service stickers posted at the new property than to contact anyone else – even companies that they have worked with before. So placing your custom stickers and decals on the job site is like placing ads that could get you customers many months or years into the future.

Extra Personalized Service Stickers

Thanks to modern technology, companies like NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers division are now able to offer even more personalized options for their custom stickers and decals. Barcodes and QR codes can be scanned using smartphone devices and are a great way to provide a link to your website, access to customer contact or service information – just about anything you might want your customers or future customers to see. You can also add your website address to these amazing tools for service businesses and get new traffic that way.

Our personalized service stickers are very strong and durable, designed to last longer than the products they are applied to, thanks to our aggressive adhesive, which exceeds industry standards. Our custom stickers and decals are waterproof, weatherproof and are UVA, chemical, corrosive and abrasive resistant – you can’t find better quality sales and service stickers on the market anywhere in the United States.

If you want to know more about all of the new options available for companies to use that can be applied to today’s custom stickers and decals, give Sales & Service Stickers a call. Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff can help you create the best-possible design for your service-oriented business. Call today at 1-855-510-4634 and start designing your custom tools for service businesses right away!