5 Things That HVAC Business Owners Should Never Do

hvac-service-repairWhen you own your own business, a lot is riding on the line. Your success – and your failure – is yours and yours alone. You will either reap the benefits or feel the agony of defeat. Unfortunately, just like any other type of business, HVAC business owners make mistakes that can be very costly. The best way to avoid making mistakes is to examine the common mistakes that others in your same field make. This article will focus on HVAC business owners, things that they should avoid doing and a few tips on ways that you can boost your business and retain clients without investing a ton of money.

#1 – Neglect Safety Training
One of the most important things you need to know about running any type of business that deals with equipment, repairs and sometimes dangerous chemicals and tools is safety. While most HVAC business owners and technicians know a lot about how the heating and air-conditioning equipment they work on operates, they don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about combustion safety and air flow, which can make for a very dangerous situation if they are not tested for during a repair job. Learn all you can about testing for depressurization and flue gases to ensure that your customers don’t end up in medical care for carbon monoxide poisoning. Taking time to adhere to strict safety standards is an essential part of running an HVAC business.

#2 – Not Keep Track of Work Done
While many businesses now rely on computers to keep track of the work that they do, there are some old school methods that you should still embrace to keep track of the repairs, installations and other work that you do for your clients. HVAC service stickers are a great way to post information on the equipment that you service so you can keep track of the work that you have done on previous visits. You can also post information about inspections that were done, the last time that freon was added or when fans and motors were replaced. If you want to use a more high-tech method, look into getting HVAC stickers and weatherproof labels that have QR Codes or Barcodes that can be scanned to retrieve information about warranties, installations or other issues that you need to be aware of on future visits.

#3 – Ignoring Opportunities for Residential Customers
When you go into the homes of your residential clients, there are areas that you go into, such as basements, crawl spaces and attics, where there are opportunities to expand your business. Part of quality HVAC service is working with your clients to ensure that their home has sufficient air sealing and temperature control for their equipment to provide efficient heating and cooling. Even if you don’t do air-sealing or insuation work yourself, working with another contractor or professional insulation company that does could earn you referral fees. Working with other businesses that do similar work, especially when you have an open door opportunity to see that work needs to be done, can be very beneficial.

#4 – Missing Out on Marketing
Another mistake that many HVAC business owners make is to miss out on marketing opportunities. One of the best ways to get your company name and contact information out there to your customers and to other home owners who may purchase the property in the future is to use custom HVAC stickers on a regular basis. Every time you service an air-conditioner, a heater, a boiler or a hot water heater, put one of your sales and service stickers on the equipment. Use weatherproof labels on outdoor equipment to ensure that it outlasts the strongest Nor’easter so you customers know who to call when their HVAC equipment breaks down. HVAC service stickers are a very helpful way for you to expand your business, retain customers and gain future business if your client’s sell their home. Place stickers inside electric boxes, near pipes, on duct work – anywhere you think they might look before they place a call for service.

#5 – Low Bidding the Competition – Every Time
The goal is to do good work that you can be proud of and make a living at it as well. While you want to get as many jobs as you can, you will not succeed if you are always the lowest bidder. Even if you come in at hundreds lower than your competition, chances are you won’t be able to do a good job because you will have to cut corners on materials and labor in order to make a profit. Or, you will lose money on the deal just for the sake of getting the job, which is a great way to go out of business. Many customers will now choose the mid-priced bid anyway because they understand that the high bid is over-charging and the lowest bid is probably not going to provide quality results because of the corners they’ll have to cut.

How NFi’s Sales and Service Stickers Division Can Help
Overcome two of these top mistakes that HVAC business owners make by calling the Sales and Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry today and find out about ordering your own set of custom weatherproof labels and HVAC service stickers. HVAC stickers are a great way to stay on top of your business, ensure that your customers know who to call in the event of a service need or breakdown, and a great way to get new business if the property or equipment gets sold to another home owner. HVAC service stickers can help you to increase your business, retain good customers and stay on top of all the hard work that you do.