Why You Need UV Resistant, Weatherproof, Waterproof Stickers

weatherproof-waterproof-stickersBusinesses that invest the time and energy into designing their own custom sales and service stickers, should also invest in purchasing from a company that uses only the best-possible materials and adhesive available. There’s no point in creating great-looking sales and service stickers only to have them fade in the sun, peel in the heat of summer or fall off when the temperatures drop in the winter. It pays to make sure that your custom sales and service stickers are long-lasting and durable enough to take the weather conditions in your area.

Where Can Sales and Service Stickers Be Used?

These stickers can go wherever your business goes. They are designed to brand your business, provide contact and service information to customers when they need it and help you to retain your customers when they need your services in the future. They are great for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications including HVAC units, vehicles, boats, sporting equipment, storage facilities, electrical boxes, satellite antennas and much more.

Because they are designed to be weatherproof, waterproof stickers that are also UV resistant, you can stick your sales and service stickers just about anywhere. Direct sun won’t fade our special, unique design and temperature changes won’t cause our aggressive adhesive to release, allowing your stickers to stay in-place when your competitors’ stickers blow away in the wind.

Who Uses Sales and Service Stickers?

There are a lot of different industries that use sales and service stickers to promote and retain business. Plumbers, heating and air conditioning installation and repair services, electricians, equipment sales, lease and rental businesses, medical equipment rentals, furniture rentals, office equipment leasing, telephone repair services, satellite or cable installers, handyman services and much more.

Sales and services stickers are a great way to remind your customers of your company name and contact information so they can all you if they ever need your services again in the future. They are designed to last and last, which means that even if your original client moves away, new business managers, employees or property owners can still see your information and contact you for repairs or additional deliveries.

Other Uses for Custom Sales and Service Stickers

Because they are able to stand up to the hot sun, cold weather, abrasives, floods and even chemical spills, our custom sales and service stickers can be used in a wide variety of outdoor applications. Here is a list of just some of our customers who rely on our long-lasting stickers and decals to promote their business:

  • neighborhood watch programs
  • residential, commercial and construction security services
  • equipment and tool rentals
  • car and truck rentals
  • heating and air-conditioning repairs
  • golf pro shop and instruction
  • automotive repair and detailing service

Chances are you can think of dozens of other uses and applications. Once you see just how great-looking, long-lasting and durable our sales and service stickers are, you’ll begin to look at this custom branding, marketing and sales opportunity in a whole new light. The possibilities for using these custom decals and nameplates are endless!

About NFi’s Sales and Service Stickers

The reason why NFi’s sales and service stickers are so durable and can stand up to water, weather, scratching and chemical exposure is because of our unique design and printing process. Our custom decals and nameplates have five times the resistance to abrasions and chemicals compared to industry standard products. We also place the printed portion of your sales and service stickers underneath a .005 layer of Lexan or Mylar. This helps to prevent peeling and layering despite some pretty extreme conditions.

Our custom weatherproof and waterproof stickers have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), earning approval for both outdoor and indoor use. We have the ability to fully customize each product we create, using an unlimited array of colors, shapes and sizes. Our aggressive adhesive is 5 mil thick, which far exceeds the industry standard of 1-2 mils, which is why our custom decals and nameplates can out-last the competition.

Where to Get Weatherproof, Waterproof Stickers

If you need outdoor sales and service stickers that can stand up to just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them, look no further than Nameplates For Industry’s Sales and Service Stickers department. Our team of specialized customer service agents within this division have years of experience working with clients to create truly custom decals and nameplates that you will be proud to use. Call the Sales and Service Stickers division at 1-855-510-4634 and start creating your weatherproof, waterproof stickers that will help you promote your business and retain your customers – rain or shine!