5 Tips for Professional Computer Repair Service Techs

computer-repair-serviceIf you own your own professional computer repair service business, it is important to use all of the opportunities available to market your services and get the word out to professionals in your area about your business. Basic marketing skills can come in very handy for this purpose, as many computer repair services don’t bother to advertise or promote themselves beyond a simple ad in the local phone book or a listing on Google Places.

The truth is, while computer repair service techs are very computer savvy, most are not proficient in Internet marketing or traditional business marketing. Today we are going to talk about five different tips that you can use today to boost your professional computer repair service without having to invest a lot of time or money. In fact, you could start layering in these ideas to your current business plan without having to make any structural changes.

Tip #1 – Offer FREEBIES to Your Customers
Some of the freebies that computer repair service businesses can offer to their customers is FREE pickup and delivery of computers that are in need of repair. Chances you are out and about in the community visiting local businesses and companies. Stopping in to pickup computers from clients and then going back to return computers, set them up and run your final tests is smart business. Not only will you offer a service that many other repair services won’t do, but you will also get a chance to visit the office in person, which may elicit additional computer repair jobs, upgrades, installations or anything else that your client might need on the fly.

Tip #2 – Smart Advertising
When it comes to marketing your local computer repair service, it pays to think outside the box. Cover all of the usual bases when it comes to advertising, but then go above and beyond to establish your name within the community to attract new business. Use your car as a moving billboard. Consider adding a magnetic sign to your work vehicle that states the name of your business, a contact number and your website, if you have one. You might be surprised to find out that many people write down these numbers when they see work vehicles on the road. Use sales and service stickers that can be handed out to clients when you visit, stuck on the back or bottom of computers, monitors and peripherals that you have repaired or placed in a visible spot in the company break-room, near the water cooler or by the copy machine. Have custom stickers and decals made up that you can use for this type of promotion.

Tip #3 – Be Professional
Dress for success. That means wearing some kind of uniform that identifies you and your company brand. A nice polo shirt with a logo and company name is a great way to start. Consider stitching your name on the shirt or wear and ID tag on a custom lanyard with your company name and website printed on it. A uniform adds credibility and shows your customers that you take your job very seriously. If you do work for large corporations, consider upgrading to a dress shirt and a tie – maybe even a suit. Whatever you wear, just make sure you look like a professional.

Tip #4 – Communicate
Make sure to take advantage of the contact information that you receive from your customers. Send out monthly mailers by post or HTML-based newsletters via email. Keep your clients informed about any new services you are offering, any changes in your hours of operation, offer referral fees and other word-of-mouth marketing incentives, along with any special discounts or rates that might be available. Just make sure that every newsletter or contact that you make has value to the customer. Don’t just “send it to send it,” make sure that you are sending something worthwhile that will help increase your business.

Tip #5 – Find Your Niche
Let’s be honest, even in a small community, there are going to be other computer repair services out there competing against you for customers. Your best bet is to specialize in something that nobody else can offer. Finding your niche, that thing that you can do to help your customers that will make them more likely to use you again in the future and recommend your services to colleagues, can be a huge boost to your business. If you have a lot of experience working with virus removal, hardware upgrades, software installations, new computer set-up, website design or IT programming, make sure to add your skills to your list of service offerings. You might get called in to remove a virus initially, but could end up with a long-term repair contract or a referral to a large company that has a lot of problems with virus protection issues.

Brand Your Business – Anywhere and Everywhere You Can
The best way to build your computer repair service is to brand your business through a variety of business marketing techniques. Sales and service stickers can really help in this area, allowing you to post information about repairs and upgrades that you have made to a computer that can be used at future repair calls. Through the use of QR codes, bar codes and write-able sales and service stickers, these decals can be functional as well as great for marketing and increasing your business.

Call the Sales & Service Stickers Division at Nameplates For Industry to find out more about our full line of custom stickers and decals that are designed especially for use as sales and service stickers. We work with a wide variety of businesses that span nearly every industry imaginable and our team of experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you design your very own sales and service stickers that can be used to promote your business. Contact our division directly by calling 1-855-510-4634.