Why Every Plumber Should Use Sales and Service Stickers

plumbing-stickersHow do you advertise your plumbing business? Are you word of mouth, or do you advertise in the local newspaper or phone book? Do you run a website or send out ads with the weekly coupon mailers? However you advertise your plumbing business, whatever your strategy for attracting new business, the best thing you can ever do is to add sales and service stickers to your marketing arsenal. This article will show you why every plumber should keep sales and service stickers in their tool box at all times. Not only will it help you to retain current customers, but it can help you to get new business in the future.

A Quick Look at Sales Stickers

Part of “sales and service stickers” is making sales, putting your contact information out there so customers know who to call if they have a problem with their hot water heater, garbage disposal or anything else you have worked on in their home. It’s like leaving a business card behind that nobody can ever lose because it’s stuck right on the piece of equipment that you have serviced. When it breaks down or needs to be replaced, the property owner or manager can then look at the item in question and have quick access to your telephone number so they can hire you for service.

Games Plumbers Play

Let’s be honest. How many jobs have you gone on where you see stickers posted by your competitors on HVAC systems, hot water heaters, garbage disposals and other equipment? If you don’t use sales and service stickers to promote your plumbing business, did you ever wish you had a great big sticker that you could use to put your contact information out there too? Sales and service stickers for plumbing businesses are not as expensive as you might think and the investment that you put into designing and purchasing thousands of custom stickers to advertise your services will pay off for many years to come.

Some plumbers get the biggest sticker possible so they can cover up their competitions’ stickers. Others simply peel off the sticker of the guy who was there before them so they can put theirs up in prime real estate where the customer will see it. Read any plumbing message board online and you will see stories of these games that plumbers play with their sales and service stickers out on the job. The degree of competition that you have in your service area will determine how you play the game, but the point is – if you don’t have sales and service stickers for your plumbing business, then you won’t be able to play at all.

A Quick Look at Service Stickers

Part of “sales and service stickers” is providing quality service to your customers through records that are kept of past service calls, installations, repairs and warranties on equipment. Service stickers come in a number of different varieties, including write-on stickers that you can add service dates to, preventative maintenance inspections, installation information and more – whatever best describes or accommodates the work that you do. You can also add new technology, such as a bar code or QR code, which can be quickly scanned by you and your team for quick access to a record of service calls, warranty information and more.

Respect for Service Tags

Despite all of the dirty, underhanded and competitive games that some plumbers play with their competitors regarding sales and service stickers, there is one thing that most plumbers seem to agree on and that is respect for service tags. If you are using your stickers for your plumbing business to keep a written record of service calls, installations and other important information, most plumbers say that they do not cover up or remove those types of stickers. That is something to consider if you work in a highly competitive area where removing stickers or covering them up is commonplace.

Use service tags on everything that you service when you visit a customer’s property. Place them inside the electrical box, on the water softener, the water heater, the garbage disposal, the sewage pump – anywhere you have been and have done work, your sales and service stickers should go too. Providing your customers with easy access to your phone number for repeat phone calls will help you to retain clients and give you access to the new property owners when the property changes hands. Service tags help the current and/or new owners to see when the equipment was last serviced so they know when it’s time to call you again.

Quality Sales and Service Stickers Make the Difference

If you work in a service area where there is a lot of competition and games being played with sales and service stickers there is one clear way to beat the competition. Sales & Service Stickers is a division of Nameplates For Industry (NFi), and we have been in business for over 35 years, providing high quality, USA-made products to serious business owners in just about every industry across the country and around the world.

Not only will our stickers outlast your competition, they are designed to last longer than the equipment you stick them on. We use what we call a very “aggressive adhesive” and combine it with a high performance sticker using materials and thicknesses that exceed the industry standard. You can identify your brand, provide contact information to your customers, record service data and retain warranty information all on our custom designed sales and service stickers.

In addition to service providers who work in the plumbing industry, our stickers are used by equipment providers for medical, office, manufacturing and industrial businesses, electricians, HVAC repairs, cable, satellite and all sorts of residential and commercial businesses. Our stickers are chosen by these professionals because of their ability to outlast and outperform any other sticker you can buy. They are weatherproof, waterproof, UV resistant and have been UL certified for use either indoors or outdoors.

Our sales and service stickers will stay put no matter where you put them, providing you with years and years of contact opportunities to retain customers and increase your business. Call Sales & Service stickers today at 1-855-510-4634 to find out more about our products or to get started designing and creating your custom sales and service stickers today!