Lots of Different Ways to Use Sales and Service Stickers

different-waysPerhaps one of the most versatile of all the marketing tools available to the business owner today, labels and stickers can be used in many different ways to promote, market and secure the future business of your customers. Whether you are using them to sell and brand your products, provide information for customer service or repairs, include data that will help identify or determine the service history for that product, sales and service stickers are a huge asset to any type of business or organization.

Stickers Are Attention-Getters

If you are looking for a unique way to grab the attention of your customers or clients, all of the design possibilities that can be achieved through creating custom labels and stickers will do the trick. Include your branded logo and company color scheme to extend the visibility of your marketing efforts, while also including contact information for customer service, future purchasing or customer service and repairs. Make sure that your custom labels and stickers are bold, easy to read, easy to spot and that they are strong and durable enough to last.

Stickers Can Be Stuck Anywhere

If you look around, you will notice professional sales and service stickers in-action all around. From the backs of electronics to underneath your tablet or laptop, inside your refrigerator and on any type of serviceable equipment in your home, these custom labels and stickers are everywhere. Choose from a variety of long-lasting, durable materials which contain our exclusive aggressive adhesive, which exceeds the industry standard and is designed to outlast and outperform all other sales and service stickers. What that means is that your sticker and company brand, contact or product information will still be there for your customers to see and use even years down the road should they require customer service and repairs or need to purchase another product.

Stickers Can Provide Tons of Data

Thanks to modern technology, such as bar codes and QR codes, your sales and service stickers can now also contain a ton of product and service data. Custom labels and stickers can be designed with the consumer in mind, providing web-based links to additional information about your company or the products you sell to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Your custom labels and stickers can also be designed with your servicing department in mind, making customer service, repairs and inspections easy to track and monitor with just a swipe of a code reader via smartphone or another handheld device.

Stickers Make It Easy to Retain and Increase Business

If you rent equipment to offices, restaurants, manufacturing companies or other businesses, your sales and service stickers can help you to sell and brand your products to current and future clients. For example, your custom labels and stickers are used on a rented stove that is being used in a professional restaurant. The manager who rented it from you is long gone and the new management team wants to upgrade their equipment. Your clearly marked, easy-to-read and durable sales and service stickers will help them contact you easily without having to go through files and paperwork just to find out where the original stove came from. Rather than lose these clients to your competitors, you have just opened a door to building a new relationship with that new manager via your custom labels and stickers.

Stickers Can Help Foster New Business

On the other hand, your sales and service stickers can also help you get new clients. Back to our restaurant, let’s say that a visiting chef or former employee where your stove was used is in the market to buy or rent a similar product. Your quality custom labels and stickers will stand out and remain affixed to your product despite the grease, steam and chemicals used in the kitchen due to our aggressive adhesive and high-quality sticker materials, making them visible to these potential new customers. In this way, your sales and service stickers are now actively working to sell and brand your products to bring new clients through the door.

Why Sales & Service Stickers?

We have over 35 years of experience designing and creating custom labels and stickers for a wide variety of businesses and industries. We design our stickers to be durable, placing the printed portion of your custom sales and service stickers underneath the .005 thick layers of Lexan polycarbonate or Mylar polyester to prevent peeling and layering over time. We design our stickers to be long-lasting, using a sub-surface print on the adhesive side to ensure that your information will never rub or wear off in any situation. Our custom labels and stickers are weather and waterproof, in fact, our complete construction process has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for indoor and outdoor use.

Call us today at 855-510-4634 to find out more about how our sales and service stickers are designed to outlast and outperform any other stickers in the industry, and to find out more about the creative design options available with our truly custom labels and stickers. Our customer service representatives can help you choose the best materials and creative options to suit your company’s needs to help you achieve your goals.