Better Sales and Service Stickers Start With Better Design

better-designWhen it comes to creating stickers and labels to use for your business, whether they are to enhance a marketing program, provide contact information to clients or contain data for better maintenance and servicing, the best place to start is at the beginning. From the moment you begin to conceive the idea of designing your sales and service stickers, you should be thinking about all of the elements you want them to contain, how they will be arranged and what you want them to look like.

Step One – Begin at the Beginning
The first part of any project is the planning stage. Unfortunately, because many companies look at stickers and labels as “tiny” pieces of their overall marketing or business strategy, they tend to not give them enough thought. Before you even begin to plot out the design of your sales and service stickers, it is important to think about how they will be used.

Sales and service stickers can include:

  • company logo and contact information
  • color scheme to continue your company’s branding efforts
  • serial numbers to help track inventory
  • item number to identify products
  • scan-able bar codes or QR codes that contain data about the product or service history
  • information about the last inspection performed and/or the rating the product received

These are just some of the ways that sales and service stickers are used by many businesses around the world today. They aren’t “just a sticker” and, depending on how you use them within your business structure, they will become a much bigger part of your approach to customer service, inventory and maintenance than you could have ever dreamed. Before you design custom stickers and spend any time or money on them, consider all the ways they can be used to enhance the maintenance and servicing of the products and services you provide.

Step Two – What Type of Stickers Do You Need?
Sales and service stickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, material types and methods of imprinting. If your stickers and labels will be used outdoors, choose a material type that will protect your information from UV-rays, water, weather, chemicals, abrasives or anything else that they might come in contact with during use.

If you aren’t sure what type of material should be used when you design your custom stickers, contact one of our experienced representatives at Sales & Service Stickers and tell them when, where and how the stickers and labels will be used. Your customer service representative can then suggest to you a variety of different durable, long-lasting materials that can be used to provide the best results.

From metal nameplates that are literally installed with hardware to aggressive adhesive stickers and labels that are designed to outlast the actual product, Sales & Service stickers has all of the options you’ll ever need to design custom stickers according to your requirements. Once you decide the type of material you will be using, then you can move on to the more creative portion of the design phase.

Step Three – What Shape Will Work Best?
Because you are designing sales and service stickers that will be used in a more functional and practical way than bumper stickers or other promotional items, you need to think of a shape that will look professional and official, while being able to contain all of the information and data you require. Sales and service stickers are all over your home and office. Look at your computers, televisions, air conditioning units and appliances, and you will likely see a square, rectangular or oval-shaped sticker from the manufacturer that provides information about the make, model, production date and servicing number of the unit. Think about what shape would best represent or work on the product it will be affixed to and begin to design your custom stickers around that shape.

Sales & Service Stickers can create stickers and labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our customers can choose from an unlimited array of shape and design options. Throughout the 30-plus years that we have been creating and printing stickers and labels, we have amassed a huge library of dies and can even create a custom die shapes that will suit your specific needs to accommodate any number of holes, cutouts and shapes that you require. Our standard cutting tolerances of +/.010″ are provided to our clients, but even tighter tolerances can be done at an additional charge.

Step Four – Pick Colors and Design Options
When it comes to designing custom stickers, the more colors and options we can provide to our clients, the better. We give our customers access to an unlimited array of color options so they can most closely match their company brand or provide them with the means to color-code specific stickers and labels for specific maintenance and servicing use. We do not charge our customers extra to use multiple colors within their custom design. Our equipment prints all of the colors at the same time, so feel free to let your creativity shine.

Having the ability to create a truly unique and distinctive design helps our customers to create truly custom results. We have the ability to add lots of functional extras, such as serial numbers, bar codes, QR codes, photos and more to provide you with true creative freedom. Your sales and service stickers can also be just a plain rectangular sticker that focuses solely on function and performance.

If you aren’t sure which colors, shapes or sizes would work best with your stickers and labels or if you don’t know where to begin, speak with our customer service representatives and they will provide you with a little guidance to get your creativity flowing. Call us today at 855-510-4634. Our representatives are right here in New Bedford, Massachusetts U.S.A. to help you design your custom sales and service stickers.