Marketing Tips for a Restaurant Equipment Leasing Business

restaurant-equipmentThere are many amazing opportunities for individuals who want to get into the restaurant equipment leasing business. Most restaurants choose to lease equipment rather than purchase it, especially when they are first getting started. Whether the products themselves are new or used, chances are there is someone out there who would like to lease them from you instead of investing cash into new or used equipment for their restaurant.

Target Your Audience

Before you can start any type of marketing campaign to reach out to customers in your local market, you will need to learn more about your target demographic. Talk to restaurant owners and find out what type of restaurant equipment they are leasing, how much they pay for it and how long they usually lease equipment. Find out about good and bad experiences that restaurant owners and managers have had with other companies and learn from their mistakes.

The more you can learn about the people that you will be marketing to, the better you will be able to meet their needs and build a solid reputation for your company. Use the Internet to look at other restaurant equipment leasing companies in other areas to see how they are reaching out to their customers. This will help you to expand on those ideas and make them your own so you can provide lease equipment to area businesses in a whole new way.

Show the Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Leasing

You might have to convince some restaurant entrepreneurs that it is more advantageous to lease equipment than to buy. Many new start-ups will quickly realize that financing all of the basic equipment they need to open their business will be more costly than they might have expected. Cost is just one of the many advantages of choosing to lease equipment.

Other advantages for your customers can include the ability to change out and upgrade equipment at the end of the lease, helping to keep a restaurant on the cutting-edge of culinary technology. This is especially true today with all of the energy-efficient appliances and new advances that are coming available in restaurant equipment leasing.

Offer Deals on Top-Rented Items

Another marketing tip for equipment leasing is to offer deals on top-rented items. While it might seem counter-productive to offer discounts on the things you customers will need the most, it will also help you to build a reputation in the area as a company that leases equipment at an affordable rate. Some of the most popular items in restaurant equipment leasing include:

  • Ice Makers – Unfortunately this type of equipment has a relatively short life. Burned out motors and condensers are the result of working very hard for long periods of time, day in and day out. This type of equipment is usually relatively costly to purchase, making it one of the most common types of lease equipment in the industry.
  • Coolers – Walk-in refrigerators are also very costly upfront and tend to burn out after just a few years of use. Some restaurant equipment leasing companies focus on and specialize in cooler rentals, building their business around this popular piece of equipment.
  • Dish Machines – Another hard-working tool in the professional kitchen, dish machines are often very expensive and don’t offer many years in exchange for the investment. Marketing to savvy restaurant owners to lease this equipment rather than buy it could be good for forging an ongoing business relationship.

How to Get Return Business

One of the best marketing tips for equipment leasing deals with learning how to get return business from your restaurant equipment leasing clients. Sales and service stickers that identify your brand with your company name, logo, contact information and website address can be very helpful in this area. Creating well-designed, good-looking sales and service stickers that are designed to withstand chemicals, abrasives and extreme kitchen heat can help keep your company brand and name visible to your customers.

If your customer needs another piece of equipment – your name and contact information is readily available via your sales and service stickers. If there is a change in management or ownership, the new person in-charge will see your company logo and associate it with the quality lease equipment you have provided, prompting a potential call for more equipment or an upgrade to newer products. Other vendors, customers and colleagues who visit your client’s kitchen will notice your high quality appliances, see your sales and service stickers and call you about lease equipment when they get back to their office.

How to Increase Service Contacts

You also want to make sure that your lease equipment doesn’t get serviced by another company outside of your business. Displaying your contact information, product serial number and warranty information via barcodes, QR codes or other methods on your sales and service stickers, makes it easy to guarantee that your clients will call you if something breaks down or requires servicing.

By having all of the warranty, past service and lease information readily available via your sales and service stickers, your technicians can easily scan the barcode and get quick access to all of the information they need to better serve your customers. Better service means happier customers. Happy customers refer other customers and contact you again in the future when they need to service or lease equipment.

Make the Most of Your Sales and Service Stickers

The Sales and Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry can help you to maximize the potential of this marketing, service and customer satisfaction tool. Through the use of the latest technology, high quality materials and methods that exceed industry standards, NFi can help you design, create and implement a unique sales and service stickers program that will benefit you and your customers. Call NFi’s Sales and Service Stickers division today for more information or to get started designing your stickers today!