Sales and Service Stickers: Office Equipment

office-equipmentAnother industry that benefits greatly from the use of sales and service stickers is the office equipment business. Whether you sell, rent or lease equipment to area offices, sales and service stickers can become a great asset for your company. The high performance, aggressive adhesive stickers available through NFi’s Sales and Service Stickers division can help you to keep track of inventory, provide point of contact information to your clients and even store important maintenance and service information for your technicians.

Office equipment stickers can be affixed to just about any type of office related product. From copy machines and printers to computers, fax machines, scanners and more. The adhesive used ensures that the stickers will last the life of the product, never fading, peeling, cracking or falling apart over time. It is a great way to make sure that your customers always have a way to contact you, even if the business or management of the business changes hands, your company branding and information will always be readily available.

Many Advantages to Using Sales and Service Stickers

There are many reasons why companies that work with office equipment sales, rentals and leases choose to include sales and service stickers with their products when they deliver or ship them off to their clients. In this article we are just going to go over the primary advantages to using sales and service stickers, with ideas and suggestions on how your company might use these sales, marketing and service products to your advantage.

Advantage #1 – Sales & Marketing

One of the best things about sales and service stickers is that they keep right on working – even when you aren’t there. A customer who buys, rents or leases a printer or scanner from your business might be in the market for another piece of equipment. As they are shopping around town, trying to get the best rate and quality of service, they notice your sales and service sticker featured prominently on their existing equipment. They think about how great your products are, how prompt and helpful your customer service and maintenance team has been, so they pick up the phone and call you to inquire about getting some additional equipment delivered.

Another scenario might feature a visitor to the office where your equipment is in-use. The visitor notes the custom sticker on the side of the copy machine and jots down the phone number or website address so they can take a look at your offerings when they get back to their office. The opportunities for using sales and service stickers as part of your extended marketing and branding campaign are endless!

Advantage #2 – Service & Maintenance

Many businesses purchase office equipment and don’t really have a maintenance or repair service that they work with to take care of problems as they occur over time. By including your custom sticker on every piece of equipment you sell, you give the client the opportunity to easily see that your company also provides maintenance and repair services. Many businesses feel more comfortable calling back the company that provided the equipment for maintenance and repair services because they know they are familiar and experienced with the brands that they sell. You can include barcode or QR code information on your custom stickers that will help your technicians enter and keep track of services and repairs they have performed throughout the term of the contract.

This is also an advantage for rental or leased equipment. You want to make sure that your technicians are the only ones working on your products. Make sure to put an easy-to-see custom sticker that says “Call for Service!” on it so your clients will be sure to call you when they need assistance instead of your competitors. This will help to encourage repeat business and also ensure that another company isn’t incorrectly maintaining your equipment.

Advantage #3 – Inventory & Tracking

If you are in the business of renting out or leasing office equipment to area businesses, then using your custom sales and service stickers to keep track of inventory will be extremely helpful. Knowing just how many printers or copiers you have in the warehouse can help your customer service and sales staff stay on top of your stock and be able to provide faster and better delivery services to your customers. Tracking inventory to see which clients have what equipment is helpful for billing, maintenance services and other areas of your business.

The inventory and tracking capabilities provided via custom stickers through the use of barcodes and QR codes can help you to stay on top of your inventory to ensure that nothing is misplaced, lost or stolen. The codes are easily scanned and automatically entered into your inventory list so you will know what went where and when it is due to be returned or replaced under the terms of your rental or lease contracts.

Other Uses for Sales and Service Stickers

In addition to sales, maintenance, repairs and inventory tracking, sales and service stickers can also be used in other ways. Keeping track of equipment testing and certifications, equipment safety data and records, inspection information, call for service contact information, preventative maintenance services and also data regarding the status of the equipment can all be included through the use of various technology opportunities.

Sales and Service Stickers makes it easier for office equipment companies to reach out to new customers while working hard to retain current clients for sales, rental and lease services. Contact Sales and Service Stickers today for more information about all of the products and options available to help you maximize the potential of your custom stickers which help you grow and maintain the quality of your business.