Better Branding With Custom Stickers

die-cut-stickerIf you are looking for a great way to brand your company name fast, custom stickers can help. Creative use of custom stickers can be a major asset to any brand marketing campaign. By incorporating these tools into your creative strategies, you’ll be able to make a memorable impression on your customers, which will make them more likely to remember you and your brand when they are ready to make a purchase.

There are different types of custom stickers available for business owners and marketers to choose from. NFi’s Sales and Service Stickers division offers a wide variety of different material types, unlimited colors, unique shapes and levels of durability to its customers. Select the type of custom stickers that will best represent your company and help to further your brand marketing campaign.

Die-Cut Stickers
Most of the sales and service stickers that are out in the world today are either rectangle, square or circle shape. You see a few ovals and triangles, but most stickers are limited to a set of basic shapes and sizes. To really attract attention to your company and brand, take a look at die-cut stickers that can be created in an unlimited array of unique shapes and sizes.

If your company logo is an odd or unusual shape, break the rectangle mold and have a custom die-cut sticker created in the same shape as your logo. Or, choose a shape that identifies your products and what you sell. One example would be a company that specializes in pet products that could use stickers in the shape of fish, dog bones or reptiles. Using a custom shape can help to further identify your brand and create a memorable message that prospective customers won’t soon forget.

Colorful Custom Stickers
Another way to attract attention to your sales and service stickers is through the use of color. When brand marketing is the goal, consider using the colors from the company logo or packaging color scheme. You can also choose to use what is known in the marketing world as high-contrast colors. Think bright yellows with stark, black backgrounds – or neon colors that will really stand out from the products or places that they are applied to in your campaign.

Don’t go too crazy with the colors though. Make sure that the text, your company name and any other contact or branding information, is easy to read. The point is to make a solid and memorable impression, not render your prospective customers blind from exposure to your wild and crazy color scheme. Make an impact, but keep it as simple as possible.

Information-Packed Stickers
Today there are lots of options available that can be use with sales and service stickers. One of the advantages of creating your own custom stickers is the ability to include as much brand marketing and contact information as you need in order to reach your target customer base. Through the use of technology, such as QR codes and barcodes, your company can invite customers or potential customers to use their smartphone scanning apps to find out more about your products and services just by taking a picture of your sales and service stickers.

QR codes and barcodes are designed to pack a lot of information into a tiny little space. They can be used to aid your employees in managing inventory, checking customer records and other useful applications. However, they can also be used to give potential customers more information about your business, taking them directly to a website or web-based landing page for more marketing materials, bringing them to an online video about your business or providing them with data they can use to see why your business is better than your competitors.

Custom Stickers from Sales and Service Stickers
Sales and Service Stickers is a division of Nameplates For Industry, focusing on the design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality custom stickers that focus on sales and service. All of the products developed for sales and service stickers by NFi are extremely durable, created with five times the amount of resistance to abrasions and chemical exposure than other standard products. The key is in placing the printed portion of the custom stickers on the bottom layer of the finished product, secured and protected underneath a .005 thick layer of Lexan polycarbonate or Mylar polyester. This prevents the layers from peeling, fading and scratching that is commonly seen in other products.

All of the products produced by Sales and Service Stickers are waterproof, weather-resistant and UV resistant to provide better durability and longer life. An aggressive adhesive is used on all of these products to ensure that the stickers last the life of the product. Quality is very important to NFi, so every single sales and service sticker is designed to exceed industry standards.

Contact the Sales and Service Stickers division of NFi today for more information on all of the products, options and unique design capabilities available. Create your own custom stickers to help further your company’s brand marketing campaign and extend your reach to a much larger demographic. Find out how Sales and Service Stickers can help – call today at 1-855-510-4634.