Sales and Service Stickers: Food Service Industry

food-service-industryOne of the benefits of using sales and service stickers is the flexibility to use them in a number of unique industry applications. One of the industries that benefits most from sales and service stickers is the food service industry. Commercial food service appliances and products that are rented, leased, sold and serviced, such as cash registers, freezers, refrigerators, stoves, prep tables, beverage utilities, ovens, furniture and other specialty items, can all be tracked, serviced and better maintained through the use of sales and service stickers.

Connect Quickly With Customers

One of the best ways to ensure return business from your customers in commercial food service is to use sales and service stickers to identify your business, provide easy access contact information and even track service records for faster and easier repair or maintenance. The Sales & Service Stickers division of Nameplates For Industry, Inc. uses what is affectionately known as “aggressive adhesive” on all of our sales and service stickers. Our products are designed to exceed industry standards and remain affixed and legible throughout the life of the product.

The aggressive adhesive and unique manufacturing process, which guards your contact information, company logo and even QR code or barcode scan data from scratches, cleaning chemicals and other elements commonly found in the food service industry, ensures that your sales and service stickers stay put and useful to both you and the customer. Your stickers are safe from grease, high temperatures, excessive use or wear-and-tear and just about anything else these high-use products might come in contact with throughout their lifetime.

The commercial food service business is highly competitive and very fast-paced, making it easy for managers, owners and other employees of food service businesses to forget who maintained their equipment or sold them their appliances when it comes time to need repairs. Having your logo, contact information and other essential data clearly marked and affixed to your products, whether they are bought, sold, rented or leased, can help you to make sure you don’t miss a service opportunity.

Maintenance and Service Uses

Sales and service stickers are also an extremely valuable tool when it comes to regular maintenance and other related services. By adding a QR code or barcode scanable feature to your sales and service stickers, you can ensure that each and every technician you send out to service your client’s equipment will be aware of previous calls, services and repairs that were made. This information can help to expedite repairs or give technicians a “heads up” about other issues that might be causing continuing problems with the product in question.

Even if the commercial food service business that you are working with changes hands, is under new management or undergoes some other type of administrative change, you can rest assured that your sales and service stickers will still be there with your contact information visible for the new manager, owner or administrative staff. Sales and service stickers makes it easy for food service industry businesses to call for service or inspections through your company whenever or wherever they are needed.

Sales, Rentals and Leases

In the event of ownership or management changes, sales and service stickers are also valuable to your business in that they will reveal your contact information to the new administrator so they can get in touch with you easily about changes to rentals or leases and to buy new appliances or furniture when needed. Sales and service stickers make it easy for businesses to contact you when they need additional furniture or to replace, upgrade or remove appliances that they no longer need.

Other Uses

In addition to maintenance, repair, service, sales, rentals and leases, sales and service stickers can also be used in the food service industry for equipment testing, equipment safety data and to provide information about the status of the equipment. Inspection information, including the date of the last inspection, status of inspection and any repairs or service that was required, can also be made available via QR codes and barcodes.

Preventative maintenance information can also be provided directly to customers to help prevent additional service calls, repairs and breakdowns of equipment. Of course, call for service contact information can also be included in sales and service stickers to ensure that your customers call you and not your competition when they are in need of repair, service or inspections.

Sales & Service Stickers

For more information about the full line of sales and service stickers available through NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers department, call toll free 1-855-510-4634 or call locally within Southeastern Massachusetts at 1-508-998-9021. A team of experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you find the best solution for your food service industry related business.