5 Questions & Answers About Using Sales and Service Stickers

What is the Quality of Sales & Service Stickers?

The goal at NFi is to always exceed industry standards and consumer expectations. They create their sales and service stickers using a $300,000 piece of machinery, a high-quality HP Indigo 5500 press. This machine can create detailed photographic images that are incredibly clear and professional in quality.

Customers have access to an unlimited number of color and design options. There is no additional charge for using multiple colors – in fact, Sales & Service Stickers encourages the use of color to help your brand stand out to increase visibility. All of the colors are printed at the same time, giving NFi the ability to create a truly unique finished product. Photos, serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes can also be added to increase the usefulness of the sales and service stickers.

How Are NFi’s Sales and Service Stickers Used?

When it comes to sales and service stickers, durability is extremely important. Nameplates For Industry (NFi) creates custom sales and service stickers that are used by a number of different industries to both identify and brand a business. These stickers are used to provide contact information to customers who could need services, such as inspections, repairs, replacements or to obtain additional or upgraded equipment.

Thanks to a special “aggressive” adhesive, sales and service stickers will ensure a permanent bond that won’t ever peel at the edges. These products can even be used on textured surfaces with the same great adhesive results. Once again, the adhesive used by NFi exceeds the industry standard by more than double, providing 5 mil thick adhesive for long-lasting staying power.

Just How Durable Are Sales and Service Stickers?

The sales and service stickers created by NFI’s Sales & Service Stickers department have five times the amount of resistance to scratches, abrasions and chemical contact than other standard products produced by other manufacturers. The key is in the design. The printed part of the sticker is placed underneath a .005 thick layer of polyester or polycarbonate to prevent peeling or layering over time.

The combination of high quality materials and NFi’s 5 mil thick aggressive adhesive, ensures that the stickers will last longer than the equipment or product for which they were designed to be used. When you use sales and service stickers to identify your brand or business, you can rest assured that your contact information, company logo and other data will be easily read and used by your customers.

Who Uses Sales and Service Stickers?

While sales and service stickers are used by a very diverse range of businesses and services, there are a few industries in particular that utilize these specialized stickers the most. Businesses that provide equipment for rent, lease or sale to offices, food service and medical industries are some of the most frequent users of these stickers. They choose NFi’s sales and service stickers because they are strong, durable, good-looking and can be customized to suit the particular needs and requirements of their organization.

In addition to rental, leased and sold equipment and furniture, sales and service stickers are also a great asset to companies that provide inspections, maintenance, service, repairs and installations. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these stickers are UV resistant, weatherproof, waterproof and UL certified. When you use one of these stickers to provide easy contact for your clients, they will stay put and remain legible throughout the life of the product.

Where Are Sales & Service Stickers Made?

All of the products made by NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers division are made in the U.S.A. in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The goal of this company is to simplify the process of ordering and designing sales and service stickers for the customer. They are committed to producing these products in a community-conscious and environmentally-friendly manner, while delivering high quality products on-time, exceeding customer expectations.

By developing and creating these sales and service stickers on-site right here in the United States, Sales & Service Stickers is able to ensure the quality and integrity of the finished product. This gives customers the confidence that the product they are investing in has been created using the highest quality materials by American workers right here in New England.