Sales & Service Stickers: Home Medical Equipment

home-medical-equipmentOne of the many industries that benefits from the many uses of sales and service stickers is the home medical equipment industry. Sales and service stickers are designed to be extremely durable so they can put up to extreme use conditions for medical equipment, such as walkers, hospital beds, crutches and wheelchairs. Nameplates For Industry, the leading sales and service stickers provider in the country, has designed their line of home medical equipment stickers to be resistant to chemicals and cleaning fluids.

The home medical equipment industry is no different than any other type of business. Branding and marketing is a part of daily life. Sales and service stickers are a great tool to use to help identify your company name as well as any contact and location information. This can be extremely helpful with both rented and purchased products, guaranteeing your customers will have your contact information readily available when they need it.

This type of branding can help to boost business and keep your customers coming back when they need additional equipment in the future. A customer who needs to rent a wheelchair while recovering from a knee surgery, might be ready to graduate to a walker, crutches or a cane as they regain their strength. Keeping your company’s name and contact information ready and available will make it easy for customers to contact your company again when they need additional home medical equipment.

Safety and Testing
Another great use for sales and service stickers is in the area of equipment testing and equipment safety data. The aggressive adhesive stickers produced by Nameplates For Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers department can help companies keep track of equipment testing and results, maintaining a clear record of equipment safety data. Couple the durable and chemical-proof design of NFi’s sales and service stickers with digital tracking technology that relies on bar codes and QR codes, and your company will be able to keep track of all the data needed to keep your equipment in safe and working order.

Equipment Inspections
In addition to equipment testing and safety data, you can also keep track of equipment inspections just by using a handheld computer device that can scan bar codes and QR codes to access equipment inspection data on your home medical equipment. The aggressive adhesive stickers that are used to create this type of sales and service stickers is designed to exceed the life of your product, allowing you to keep track of inspections and anything else you need to properly service your equipment for many, many years.

Equipment Status
This is a particularly useful tool for companies that rent or lease home medical equipment. Sales and service stickers can be equipped with serial numbers and bar codes for easy tracking of equipment that is being used by customers, while staying on top of stock and supplies at the warehouse level.

Preventative Maintenance
Another type of data that can be accessed and stored through the use of sales and service stickers is preventative maintenance. Companies that provide regular equipment checks as a part of a preventative maintenance service in hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical centers and home medical equipment, can give their technicians instant access to previously performed check-ups, repairs and other maintenance with aggressive adhesive stickers.

Call for Service
What will your customers do if they have a problem with their home medical equipment? Will they know to call you for service, repairs or replacements, or will they call your competition? The best way to assure that your customer call you whenever they need service is to affix sales and service stickers, complete with your company name and contact information, to every single item you rent, lease or sell.

Where to Get Sales & Service Stickers
Nameplates For Industry offers a wide variety of solutions designed to overcome the problems, issues and situations encountered by businesses that service customers in the home medical equipment industry. All of the sales and service stickers produced by NFi are UL certified to be water and weather proof, as well as resistant to chemicals and cleaning products.

For more information about the full line of sales and service stickers available through NFi’s Sales & Service Stickers department, call toll free 1-855-510-4634 or call locally within Southeastern Massachusetts at 1-508-998-9021. A team of experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you find the best solution for your home medical equipment business.