10 Ways Stickers & Service Stickers Can Boost Your Business

sales-service-marketingThere are many different types of business models that can benefit from sales and service stickers. Custom decals, address labels, sticker and other custom products can help to add a personal touch to the way you do business and provide your customers with easy access to your contact information when they are in need of service or additional supplies.

This article will feature ten of the top ways that stickers and decals can be used to increase and improve the quality of your business. For more information on where to order custom stickers, decals, labels and more, scroll down to the bottom of this feature for details on how to contact Nameplates for Industry, the leading decal and sticker provider in America.

Way #1 – Build Your Brand
Stickers and decals are a great way to build your brand identity with your customers and your target audience. These products are a great way to build brand recognition and to support various promotions or services offered by your business. These solutions are very affordable and cost-effective, making them ideal to use for limited-time promotions, special offerings and to be given as hand-outs to customers.

Way #2 – Free Advertising
When used effectively, your decals and stickers are a sort of “free” advertising. Why pay for ad space in the local newspaper or purchase a spot on the city billboard when you can promote your business for free? Give away stickers and decals as clever bumper stickers or unique car decals that your customers will enjoy using on their vehicles.

Way #3 – Create Credibility
Studies have shown that customers give instant credibility to businesses that have printed labels and logos. Quality stickers have a way of making even the smallest small business appear bigger and more professional. Use them on packages, envelopes, boxes and bags to increase your return on investment.

Way #4 – Look Professional
When it comes to designing your stickers and decals, make sure to take your time and do everything you can to create a powerful looking design. While there’s something to be said for simplicity, don’t be afraid to get creative and design a decal that will help customers associate your brand and logo with the products or services you provide. This is a great opportunity to have your message “hit home” with customers, while making your company visible to a whole new audience at the same time.

Way #5 – Do It Right
Check your stickers and decals over carefully before submitting them to be printed to make sure there are no spelling, grammar or contact information errors. Making sure you do it right will really pay off whether you are creating package labels, car stickers, window clings or larger custom print designs. This is an opportunity to make a strong first impression.

Way #6 – Take Advantage of the Medium
People love stickers and decals. They’re just a lot of fun. Take advantage of the medium and use it to your full advantage. Use the backside of the sticker paper that gets peeled away to offer a discount of other special offer to your customers. Use your decals as part of an “around town” giveaway or other promotion. Your customers will appreciate your creative attention to detail and will enjoying showing off your decals.

Way #7 – Coordinate Your Efforts
If you design stickers to advertise your business, decals to make contact information handy for service clients or future orders, and create address or package labels for shipping, make sure they are all working together toward the same goal. Branding, logos, colors and font should all be a coordinated effort that aids in identifying your business in the eyes of your customers.

Way #8 – Use Technology
There are many new exciting ways to combine today’s technology with high-quality stickers and decals. For example, bar codes and QR codes can be used by service personnel to quickly look up the history of an appliance they are servicing. These codes can also be used to track inventory and identify issues with products or services before they get out of hand. Marketers can take advantage of these codes to direct mobile or web users to visit the company website to learn more about the brand. The opportunities available through these technology-based options are limited only by your imagination.

Way #9 – Consider Selling Your Decals
Got a very popular brand? Do people grab your new stickers whenever they become available? Consider selling them for a low rate of $1 to $5 for car window decals or bumper stickers. Your customers will love them and you’ll get free advertising to boot!

Way #10 – Dual Purpose
Another great way to use your decals and stickers is to carry them and hand them out like business cards. Handing out a unique product with all of your contact information and branding on it will help your card stand out from the stacks of other business cards collected by business associates, colleagues and potential clients. Increase your visibility with a decal-based business card.

Where to Get High-Quality Stickers and Decals
Whether your goal is to order professional-quality decals, sales and service stickers, bumper stickers, window clings or custom printed products, Nameplates for Industry’s Sales & Service Stickers division can help you create a unique solution that will help you to improve and increase your business. Call the Sales & Service Stickers division of NFi toll free at 800-999-8900 for more information on all of the options and opportunities available.