Sales and Service Stickers: Helping You Improve Your Business and Achieve Your Goals With QR Code Stickers

HVAC sticker with QR CodeNecessity is the mother of invention, or at least that’s what Plato believed. Many of the products, technologies and services we have today were invented as a means of finding a solution to an ongoing problem. Sales and Service Stickers, provides a wide variety of stickers, nameplates and decals to clients as a means of identifying, tracking and managing the equipment, tools and services they provide to their customers.

With over 35 years of experience serving clients all over the world from our New Bedford, Massachusetts facility, you would think that we at Sales and Service Stickers would have “seen it all” by now. However, newly developed technologies are being applied in unique ways each and every day, giving new advantages and opportunities to clients that help them run their business operations more smoothly and effectively than ever. One particular “case study,” if you will, shows how our team of professional designers and technicians at Sales and Service Stickers worked together to create a viable and advantageous solution.

The Situation

Sales and Service Stickers was contacted by a client that was experiencing a challenge out in the field. An HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) company needed a better way to quickly and efficiently access customer service records for equipment. They needed to find a way for the records to be retrieved in the field by the technicians, but also to be accessed by customers to improve maintenance management.

The Solution

QR CodeUsing newly-developed QR Code technology, we were able to integrate all of the required customer service records and information into a simple four-inch by three-inch company nameplate. Both the technician and the customer would be able to scan the nameplate – even from a distance – using a smartphone or tablet PC device and instantly access all of the important data relating to the client’s account.

In addition to integrating this advanced technology, we also utilized a “weatherable” Lexan film, which is the same type of durable material that is used on the keypads of gasoline pumps. This material was used to create a finished product that was a combination logo nameplate for the HVAC company and a service sticker tag. We also used a special adhesive backing that is engineered to permanently adhere to the equipment, with the printing added at the sub-surface to protect it from the elements.

How We Do It

Sales and Service Stickers works with each and every client as an individual, reviewing their goals and needs to create a finished product that will meet or exceed their expectations. A team of our experienced professionals discusses the clients objectives and continues to work closely with them to address their unique needs.

Throughout the development process, the customer is provided with samples that can be used for product testing. Once the design has been approved by the client, a design proof is created and then put out in the field to be used and tested again by the client’s customers and staff.

Solution Benefits

The primary benefit of the solution provided by us to this client was in providing the HVAC company’ technicians with the ability to quickly and easily scan and access customer data. The combination nameplate and service tag can be scanned using an iPad, smartphone or other mobile device, to access the equipment service history of a heater, air-conditioner or other type of equipment. This can help in finding repair solutions, staying on top of equipment maintenance and can even aid in ordering parts.

Ultimately, the new solution helped the HVAC company to reduce the amount of time that their field technicians spent looking up information about customer service records and equipment maintenance, freeing them to dedicate more time to the actual on-site repair. The ability to employ such an advanced and useful technology into their company nameplate allowed the company to also improve their image in the eyes of their customers, boosting customer loyalty and confidence.

In addition to these improvements, the new high-tech company nameplate and service tag also helped the company to save money by ordering bulk parts that could be used to service regular customers within their client base. Being able to track the name brand, type, age and history of the equipment they were servicing for their customers helped the HVAC company to provide even better service than they already were before. These added benefits and visible company logo and nameplate helped to boost referral business as well.

Products and Services Used for This Client

This particular client received a finished product from Sales and Service Stickers that included full color graphic imaging, designed to be extremely durable and outlast the equipment itself. A specially engineered adhesive backing was used to ensure that the nameplate and service tag would remain in-place for the life of the product. We also used a product that adhered to a construction that was recognized by UL as being appropriate for outdoor use. Finally, variable data printing technology was used to make the finished product even more beneficial, useful and advantageous to both the client and the client’s customers.

The HVAC company that was profiled in this case study is a well-known service provider and contractor in the prestigious Nantucket Island community. This company provides many services to both residential and commercial client accounts, such as HVAC planning, installation, maintenance and other services. This company is dedicated to finding and using new technologies and solutions that can help them to better serve their customers.

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