Sales & Service Stickers: 5 Tips for Creating Better Asset Tags

One of the many advantages associated with using sales and service stickers on your equipment or products is the ability to add codes that can aid in asset management. The information available through asset tracking can help your business stay on top of your inventory, monitor the location and history of your equipment and better serve your customers.

When you add asset tagging information to your aggressive adhesive stickers, you will also be able to manage and secure your equipment, allow for quick identification of each piece of equipment and track everywhere your assets have been over a period of time. Management of this information is best handled by asset tracking software programs that can help you stay in control of your equipment.

This article will focus on five tips that will help you to create better asset tags to add to your custom stickers. Each of these tips is designed to help you maximize your potential by increasing your ability to effectively control your inventory, communicate with your customers and boost your business.

Tip #1 – What Types of Equipment Should Get Tagged?
While you may use sales and service stickers on every piece of equipment that you sell, rent or lease to your customers, you might not need to add asset tags to every item. Some types of equipment are better suited to asset tags than others. For example: asset tags should never be used on items that are consumable, meaning items that won’t be returned to be stocked and used again.

Asset tags are most commonly used for the following types of equipment:

  • appliances
  • cell phones
  • computers
  • electronics
  • fire extinguishers
  • furniture
  • HVAC equipment
  • machinery
  • office equipment
  • packaging equipment
  • tools

Tip #2 – Include a “Call to Action” Title Tag
Anyone familiar with marketing knows the term “call to action,” which refers to the text that is used to incite a potential customer into conversion. In the case of sales and service stickers, your call to action would be the title tag that identifies what your custom stickers are trying to convey. The best way to know what to put in this portion of your sales and service stickers is to identify the “action” that you want your customers to complete.

For example, if you are simply trying to identify that the equipment belongs to your company so customers can call to upgrade or lease new equipment, you could use the words “PROPERTY OF”, and then list your company name and number. Another example of this would be a piece of equipment that your company is servicing. The keywords here would be “FOR SERVICE CALL”, which would be followed by your company name and phone number. Another instance would be to use the words “INSTALLED BY”, so your customers will know who to call if there is a problem with the installation or if they need more equipment installed.

Tip #3 – Include Sequential Numbers or a Barcode
The best way to keep track of your equipment is to include a numbered section in the asset tag portion of your aggressive adhesive stickers. You can create your own in-house serial numbers just by adding a series of sequential numbers to your stickers or add a professional-looking barcode that can be quickly scanned. The vendor can create your stickers using a starting number that you provide and create a specific number of stickers to be used for that purpose.

Tip #4 – Include Your Logo
One of the fastest and easiest ways to quickly identify your inventory is through the use of a unique company logo. Add your original logo to your sales and service stickers to make your custom stickers unique and distinctive. Including a logo makes your asset tags hard to copy and adds a professional look to your finished product.

Tip #5 – Proper Placement is Key
There are lots of places to place your custom sales and service stickers on your equipment. You need to choose a spot that isn’t overly conspicuous, but is still easy for people to see and read. Your stickers should be low profile and not in a position that would allow it to be easily vandalized.

Good locations are often near the OEM nameplate of the equipment, at the edge of a desk or other piece of furniture or even inside of a case.  With some sticker manufactures you can’t place their stickers near keypads, handles or other places that get a lot of wear and tear, but with stickers from Nameplates For Industry, you can because our stickers use 5 mil thick aggressive adhesive.

Follow These Tips for Best Results
If you follow the five tips above when creating your custom stickers and asset tags, you will get all the benefits of using sales and service stickers without having to invest a lot of extra time or money into creating a separate inventory organization project. Many insurance companies and police departments are now recommending the use of asset tags to help track items that are stolen, validate equipment and keep track of company assets.

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