How Custom Sales and Service Stickers Can Benefit Your Equipment Leasing Business

Equipment leasing is becoming a very big business in Massachusetts, and all across the country. As more entrepreneurs look for new ways to reduce the amount of money needed to launch a new business, innovative equipment leasing companies are finding new ways to meet their needs and provide a valuable service.

There are many things to consider if you operate an equipment leasing business. Some of the areas that today’s businesses must consider include branding, marketing, equipment servicing and encouraging return business. The best way to tackle all of these concerns is through the use of sales and service stickers.

Equipment leasing businesses can use service stickers for equipment to promote their brand and establish a means of contact for customers who may require service, upgrades and replacement of equipment in the future. Sales & Service Stickers, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, has been creating high performance adhesive stickers for the sales and service industries for over 35 years.

Whether your company manufactures the equipment that you lease or if you work as a broker or dealer to provide many different brands of equipment to your customers, you will need to work on establishing your brand name within the market. By creating your own unique series of custom stickers, you can rest assured that your customers will always have your contact information on hand and will be able to call you direct for new equipment, service or repairs.

When you include your company logo and information on your custom stickers, you will create a visible, visual reminder of who you are and what you offer. The more opportunities you can find to get your name and logo “out there” and in the world, the more recognizable and memorable your company will be to other business owners who could benefit from your services.

One of the best ways to increase your return on investment (ROI) is to find new methods for reaching out to new clients while keeping in touch with current customers. Beyond basic branding, custom stickers that are well-placed on your leased equipment can help you reach out to new customers without having to spend a lot of time and money on marketing.

Strategically placed high performance adhesive stickers will be seen by the customers of your clients who may also be interested in leasing equipment from your business. By coordinating the efforts of your marketing campaign with the branding and service opportunities associated with the use of sales and service stickers, you can increase your reach, expand your customer base and boost your ROI.

Recurring Business
Ensuring a solid rate of return business is important in any industry, but particularly so in the equipment leasing market. Many businesses will lease office equipment or food service equipment and upgrade or increase their orders over time. Committing to the development of a positive customer service relationship with your clients is an essential part of encouraging repeat business, but it is also important to find unique ways to remind your clients that you have other types of equipment and services available.

Custom stickers are a great way to keep your company name and offerings at the forefront of your client’s mind. By designing your own unique sticker, you can rest assured that you will create a positive, professional reminder that will encourage new sales for many years to come. You don’t want your clients to lease equipment from your competitor because they forgot the name of your company when they needed something new. High performance adhesive stickers are designed to exceed the life of the product, so even if the equipment is old and outdated, your sticker will still be easy to read and your business will be easy to find.

Equipment Servicing
Many equipment leasing companies also provide or offer equipment serving of the products that they lease to customers. If you provide these extra services you will want to make sure that your clients call you to service your own equipment and not your competitor or a service company that is not certified or qualified to work on your equipment.

Custom stickers that focus on servicing the needs of your clients can help them remember who to call if the copy machine malfunctions or know when the industrial equipment needs to be inspected and serviced. Sales & Service Stickers can help you create a high quality product that will help you to boost your business, increase sales, improve customer service and increase your overall return on investment.

Sales & Service Stickers is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts and has been serving customers throughout the United States for over 35 years. Our custom designed, high performance adhesive stickers exceed the industry standard, ensuring that your branding, marketing, sales and servicing opportunities will be secure for many years to come. Give us a call at 1-800-999-8900 or visit our website for a free quote. Made in the U.S.A. since 1975, Sales & Service Stickers is committed to providing a quality, environmentally-conscious product that you will be proud to display on your equipment.